Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome to the bible belt week 35

Hello family and Friends,
I am so excited to say that transfer calls were yesterday and Sister Hymas and I are staying here for another transfer! I have been in the OBX for what feels like my entire mission. Just 5 months, but this place has become my favorite place in the whole world and my home. The ward has grown quickly to become my family. I have been so blessed to serve in an area that makes me feel comfortable and that takes care of the missionaries. There have been so many amazing experiences that have happened this week that I am trying to remember as I am typing this email! The days all seem like a blur.
I still have not gotten a new camera yet. I'm working on it. Preparation days have been hectic lately and I haven't had time to get to Walmart.
We had the chance to go to a trainer/trainee follow up meeting with President and Sister Baker and the APs. We split up into groups of trainers and trainees and talked about how we can over come struggles we are facing in our companionship. Honestly sister Hymas and I are getting along very well, so some of the concerns brought up were a little humorous.
Sue has fallen of the face of the earth. We saw her last week and had a very interesting experience with her, so this week we planned to stop by and see how she was doing. Alex who was our first investigator here moved out last week, and we are suspecting that he is in jail. A lot is going on right now! Haha but Sue wasn't home, so as we were driving away I felt impressed to turn around and leave a finding faith in Christ DVD on her porch. We are praying that she will find comfort and strength through Christ, even though she wont talk to us anymore, hopefully she will come around.
We taught a new woman this week who is very religious and is a missionary for one of the baptist churches in Nags Head. One of the baptist churches... there are so many different churches here it is mind blowing. Annnnnyways, she was a referral from a member who lives in the area next to us, and she instructed us very very specifically that we needed to teach her about the plan of salvation with an emphasis on the spirit world. so we got into Jeanne;s house and she started talking to us about her beliefs and doubts about her religion and the things she liked about the LDS religion and sister Hymas and I both felt so strongly that we needed to teach the restoration. here is a wonderful example of what not to do: we ignored the continuous prompting and went on to teach the plan of salvation with an emphasis on the spirit world. This was probably the worst lesson I have ever been in. we flat out ignored the promptings of the spirit and the lesson we taught was all over the place. I definitely gained a stronger testimony of why the spirit is ESSENTIAL. Hahaha leave it to me to be a wonderful example of how to be a bad missionary.... But it okay, repentance is real.  Thank goodness for this infinite gift our loving heavenly father has given us through our Savior Jesus Christ. :)
Luckily Jeanne let us set up a return apt with her.

We set Kyle for baptism on November 9. It was definitely one of the highlights of the week.  Kyle is very nervous and he said he has a lot of things he needs to get sorted out before he gets baptized, but he is willing to work hard and keep the commitments we extend to him to help him be prepared to make this sacred covenant. Sister Hymas invited him to be baptized!! She is doing so well, you wouldn't even be able to tell she is so new.
On Friday I got super sick. Again. This time it was a very strong head cold thingy. I don't think I have ever had such a bad cold before in my life. I was completely miserable.  We went to district meeting and then rushed home to teach Carol. A member came with us and Carol went on to tell us that she talked to her " significant other" about meeting with us and he said no. He gave her some anti-Mormon info and Carol told us that God told her this is not the path for her. I have never heard of such a thing. I was so mad. I was shocked at how upset I was. I had to fight back tears as she continued to tell us how she fasted, prayed, and tried to read, and that every single time she picked up the Book of Mormon it would just fall out of her hands, and then she would try it again and it would fall. then the last time she tried to read it the cover ripped off. She told us God was telling her not to read it and she got the hint. Then she told us that the bible is the only correct book. Sister Bradley who was with us addressed this concern and as Sister Bradley was talking Carol stopped her and said, " My neck is getting a sharp pain. It's a sign from god that you need to stop talking. " we were silent. I was shocked. I wanted to read to her the that wicked and adulterous people seeketh for a sign but I controlled myself. Basically to sum up this experience, we boldly testified to carol that the Book of Mormon is true and that she needs to have an open mind and real intent in order to recognize the answers from God. She is not going to act unless her boyfriend would. It was heart breaking to see. She told us that we weren't allowed to get transferred and that she would be praying that we stay. She said we had taught her a lot and that we have a light that shines from our souls that she is envious of. We invited her to continue to read the Book of Mormon, and to watch general conference next week and she agreed. We are going to drop by in a couple of weeks for sure.
So that was Carol.
On Saturday morning we had a ward activity that started at 7 am. then we went home and studied then taught a lesson. I was so so sick this day. I wouldn't let myself rest. So during the lesson when I couldn't remember the word Lamanite, I realized I should probably go home and rest. I called Lamanites Lehites. Oops.
I woke up Sunday morning feeling much better! We reset Luke for baptism on October 26.  When we invited him for the first time he laughed in our faces and said no. Then we kept talking and invited him again and he said he is struggling a bit with the word of wisdom. Then we invited him again and he said he will work for that date. I am confident that the Lord will help him as he prepares to be baptized and confirmed.
I am happy and life is going great! Thank you family for your wonderful example and your strength to me. I have been so blessed with a supportive family, ward, and group of friends. I love you all so much!
Have an amazing week and enjoy general conference!!!! I will be watching it at the church, and hopefully lots of investigators wanting to be baptized :)
Sister Snow

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