Monday, September 9, 2013

"Wishing will not make it so, the Lord expects our Thinking, he expects our Action, he expects our Labors" Week 33

Hey y'all!!
Funny story of the week... We walked into a drug deal.
not really... we went to a Less actives home and we knocked on the door and heard a come in, so of COURSE we walked in all excited because those words are extremely rare to hear as a missionary. well... we walk in and there's Sister H and her bf/fiancé standing at a counter that is randomly in their living room, and 5 teenage boys standing there with smoke coming out of their mouths. Sister Hymas and I were freaking out and we were plotting our escape. Luckily Sister H's mother who is a temple worker in Raleigh came out of the back and took us into the other room, and sister h joined us. apparently what we walked into was the selling and purchasing of "e ciggs." they are "harmless" because they "don't have any tar." we got educated on the "Science" of eciggs by sister h's bf and he gave us business cards to "pass out." they are currently taped in my journal and the rest are in a pile in the car and soon to be trash can.
I love the crazy life of a missionary, and NATE GOOD LUCK!!! you are a STUD!! the Lord is getting yet another wonderful warrior added to his army this week!
I love you all. thank you for your support, i couldn't do this without yall.
sister snow
ps i got the pillowcase and sour ballssss! thanks fam!!Raleigh

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