Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 13 The Confederate Cannibal Catholic named Joseph Smith

Hello fam!
I have had the craziest week of my entire life. seriously its been hectic!! Some good news... We have an investigator set for BAPTISM!!!!! D D <3 We met here about a month ago and she has been impossible to get in touch with. She has titanium in her back or something crazy like that and is always in severe pain. She has back surgery this next week and I am praying this will help. She can't even sit or get up without having to lay back down the rest of the day. Anyways... she needed a blessing on Saturday so we stayed after the Elders left and talked to her. She pays tithing and she isn't even a member...  She reads the book of Mormon daily,  she prays. She has a strong testimony of the priesthood. So we basically talked to her about why she hasn't been baptized. She told us how she was expecting a huge answer to come, but we pointed out to her that a lot of time Heavenly Father answers our prayers in ways we don't expect, and that it looks like she got her answer a long time ago. Her son is a member and is 16, and hasn't baptized anyone. She told us how she felt like she should be his first baptism. When she said that the spirit just ATTACKED the room and I was so overwhelmed with happiness. I invited her to be baptized and she looked at me straight in the eyes and said YES. Ahhh I love being a missionary!!! She has some things she needs to get situated before, but we have a date set for May 25. I am praying that it works out!
I have so many stories I want to share with y'all and so little time! Wednesday was the craziest day of my entire life. I guess I'm starting with this... hahah okay so I'll back it up with Tuesday. We were in the area visiting one of our investigators, T.  She is moving this week and we were seeing if she needed anything. Anyways. We looked on the list to see if there were any less active members in the area, and we saw the name C P. Something stood out about her name, it she happened to be on the same street we were on so we decided to pay her a visit. We had never met with her before, so we knocked on the door and saw a woman walking up the driveway the same time we had just knocked on the door.  That's always awkie. Turns out that was Sister P. She looked weirded out to see us, but we set up a return appointment for the next day. Okay back to Weds.... SOOO we went over to Sister P's at around 10. She was waiting outside for us. We walked into her house, and we were all expecting this to be an awkward visit. She sat down and asked us if anyone from the ward sent us. We told her how we pray every morning for people we need to visit and we felt impressed to visit her. Tears came pouring from her eyes as she told us how she needed God right now. She told us how she just got released from the hospital after a suicide attempt and she was just getting back on her feet. It was so intense and the spirit was so strong as we read scriptures with her and talked to her about how Christs arms are continually outstretched before us, and all we need to do is make those steps to come unto him. We asked her if she would like a blessing, and the elders raced over in the HUMID 90+ degrees to get there. They gave her the most beautiful blessing, and also dedicated the house. It was such a powerful, spiritual experience to feel the spirits lift off everyone in the household. Brother P looked so relieved as he saw his wife get a priesthood blessing. Family, the church is SO TRUE. Daily we receive promptings from the holy ghost, telling us to visit choice spirits. This work is inspired, and is of such great worth. I have seen first hand how God and our Savior Jesus Christ can help us through the hard times. When people come back to Christ, they are happier, kinder, and better people! I can not even express the happiness I feel being a missionary!! Sorry I am so all over the place today! So sister P and her family said that they would be at church this Sunday. Guess what... They were! AND Sister P bore her testimony about how God's hands are always stretched out, reaching for us. She was so happy. God and Christ are healing her wounds. They can do that for all of us.  I KNOW IT!
So after this crazy day, we were driving down this rode and we felt impressed to see if one of our potential investigators were there. She wasn't.  As we were walking back to the car, L's name popped into my head. I told my companions that we should see if L was home, and as we walked up to her home, she just pulled in. We helped her take in her groceries and then we talked to her about the restoration. She told us she has been looking for a church ever sense she moved here and she would read over the restoration pamphlet with her daughters and pray about it. We are seeing her this Wed, so I'm excited about that! After this awesome lesson with her, we started contacting old potentials in the area. It was the hottest day of the year, sooo humid. I have never been so hot in my entire life and apparently this isn't even the beginning of it... anyways we were walking down the streets of Norfolk and we met the most interesting people. I'll just do a quick sum sum of the rest of the day:
We met a drunk man at 3 in the afternoon with no teeth who called us beautiful, a homeless man carrying a microwave in a wagon who also called us beautiful, we went into an episcopal church and got dissed by a woman pastor, and we also met a man named Joseph Smith with blood underneath his fingernails and in his laugh lines.... also he was wearing a confederate belt buckle with confederate stamps all over the belt.. hahahaah we called him the confederate cannibal catholic. He was really nice though. We told him about the prophet Joseph Smith and he just smiled with all that blood all up in his laugh lines and told us it wasn't him. So yes. A very interesting day.
We also went to a christian band concert to support one of the elders investigators. It was in a church building. Super cool. Virginia is awesome
Remember D? She dropped us on Saturday. She told us she couldn't believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. We are going to stop by and talk with her this week. Which leads to me K:
We stopped by on Thursday and talked about her feelings. She told us she hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon or praying. We told her that the Book of Mormon is the evidence of Joseph Smith. And that it the way she can know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church! So she is still meeting with us. We have been stopping by and reading the Book of Mormon with her. She opened up to us about her family and how she feels alone. And she prayed finally!! It was such a beautiful prayer and the spirit was so so strong. She is finally progressing. She doesn't want to set an official date until she knows for sure that this is the right direction for her.
Family, this church is so true. I love being a missionary. I love all y'all so much, y'all are always in my heart and prayers. Have a blessed day!!!
Sister Snow

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 12 Conference Weekend

Hello dearest family!
Wasn't conference just so amazing?!?!? It was so awesome watching conference as a missionary. To be on the end of the spectrum that is witnessing this crazy wave of missionaries first hand is so amazing! I loved the focus on family values and the importance of having a strong, positive home life. The church is sooo true. I love being a missionary! We got some news on Saturday.... apparently now there is going to be Sister missionaries in leadership positions.... what!! Crazy huh?! They aren't going to be zone leaders or district leaders, but they are going to have their own assignment to go around the mission training other sister missionaries. This next transfer we are expecting 18 sisters and 2 elders.
This week we saw some awesome miracles! We were out contacting potential investigators and former investigators, and we drove past a street that had some old potentials we hadn't been able to get in contact with last transfer. I had the strong impression that we needed to try to contact a girl named D. I told my companions and we drove to her house, seeing that she had JUST pulled in to the drive way! She backed into the street and we walked up to her and had a small lesson on the restoration in the street! We committed her to baptism and had an awesome prayer with her! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! We don't have a date set, but we will when we meet with her on Saturday. Pllleeeaseee remember to keep her in your prayers! She is soo awesome.
On a down side, I got yelled at for the first time in my mission! That was exciting. We were doing some family history tracting and one older woman wasn't to happy that we were knocking on her door.
Another down side of this week... K broke up with us. She had a baptismal date set for May 18, but keeps on flaking our appointments. She texted us a couple nights ago saying that she's been "doing some thinking and as much as she loves meeting with us, Mormon isn't the way she wants to go." She said that we have told her the answer will come about this decision and "all the while something was saying its not for her.  "sooooooo sad! I am devastated!!! We are planning on going over there and seeing what's really going on. She needs that spiritual witness for herself! This church is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church for everyone, because it is the only church in the world that has the fullness of the gospel. The only way she can know this is if she PRAYs and reads the Book of Mormon. She hasn't been doing that! Just like Elder Holland said yesterday, all it takes is a little seed. A little desire to know the truth and to have strong faith, and it will come. We have to work for it. Its not all going to come at once! I pray that we can help K understand that she will have to work to gain a testimony and spiritual witness of the truth of this gospel!
We dropped of our laundry at Sister Y's house, and she had watched conference! It wasn't the reaction I expected though. She was fired up when we got to her house. She was talking about how she can't pay her tithing right now and people have told her that she is going to burn in hell if she doesn't. She expressed to us the horrific childhood she had and how she felt that she was ignored during conference. I was filled with so much love for her. I was crying as she told us her fears and doubts. Sister W is a STUD. She is a female, young version of Elder Holland. I'm serious. She boldly and lovingly bore her testimony of the gospel, and of the blessings of being obedient. We committed the Y to take it day by day. To make an effort every single day to pray and to read their scriptures. Sister Y has some serious trust issues. She expressed to us that she can not trust God. So that is what she is working on. Letting her self come unto Christ. To be healed by His infinite Atonement. It was such a powerful lesson, and the spirit was so strong! There is no greater feeling than looking someone you love in the eye and telling them that Heavenly Father loves them. That I love them, and that they can do it. That they are stronger than who Satan has made them feel.
we STILL haven't met with D D. She is very sick and busy all the time. BUT she doesn't fail to call us back. luckily. We finally set up an appointment with her this Friday. She asked us for tithing slips??!! She said she cant afford not to pay her tithing, because of the blessings she receives. She isn't even a member and she has a testimony of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, Priesthood Blessings, and apparently she pays tithing?! This woman is getting BAPTIZED!!!
Mother dearest, you are going to be so proud of me... I sang in district meeting this Thursday! It was the scariest thing I've ever done and my voice and entire body was shaking the entire time, and I also couldn't look at anybody... but Hey. I faced my fear! We sang come thou fount :)
I love you all! It was so amazing to get letters from the Hughes Family!! Y'all are the best! I'm glad you got to spend some time away from your mansion in Colorado and visit my family in California! ;)
Have an amazing week!
Have your name tag painted on your hearts! Chandler, I don't know how many times I can tell you how proud I am of you for being such an amazing missionary! Keep being a good example! You are inspirational!
Sister Snow

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another Typical Sister Snowfal day but an exceptional spritual day too, week 11

Hello dearest Family!!
This week was awesome! We have been working soooooo hard to find people who the Lord has prepared. So many tender mercies happened this week! Its so amazing to be a missionary and to see the tender mercies of the Lord every single day. Truly I am being protected and led every single day.
We have started working with some recent converts in our ward. One girls name is S, she is a 16 year old who moved here from Colorado. She doesn't really remember much about the lessons she took from the missionaries, but she has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. Teaching her was so amazing. We felt the spirit so strong throughout her entire lesson! The other Recent convert is S. F. She has 3 boys, 2 live with her at home. She just got married in August and baptized 2 days later. She hasn't been to church this year, so we have been meeting with her weekly.  She has been having a really tough pregnancy. On Saturday we found out that she was in the hospital! It was the scariest news to hear that someone you care about is in the hospital! After we had visited Sister Y on Sunday night, I felt very strongly that we needed to visit Sister F. in the hospital. I didn't know why, and we all thought that she would be asleep, but she called us while we were there and told us she was awake and we could stop by. She had been alone on Easter, except for a little visit from her husband and 2 crazy kids, and was super stressed out and needed help putting together some easter baskets for her kids. We came up to her room and helped her out and said a prayer with her. She is so afraid. The doctors said nothing is wrong with the baby as far as they can see, but still something is very wrong with Sister F. She should find out today what is going on!
On Wednesday we contacted some former investigators and we meet this woman named Miss K. We knocked on her door and she opened it wearing just a t-shirt.  Hahaha she was excited to see us and after talking for awhile we found out her uncle is a member in our ward! When we said goodbye,  I went in for a hand shake ( of course) and she yells "I ain't no man gimme a hug!" she pulled me in and then grabbed my companions and we had a group hug in the middle of an apartment complex. hahahah my companions were laughing so hard at the fact that everything awkward always happens to me. I fall all the time, and everyone in Norfolk 2nd knows how to tease me. It's the best. When we went tracting on Saturday, I seemed to be attracting every single awkward moment possible. We were walking down the street and saw an older couple sitting in their garage. Their concrete was wet so the drive way was blocked off, a huge tractor was in the front of their house, and a huge pile of sticks were on the sides of the drive way so nobody could get close to this couple. I've been focusing this week on being BOLD, so I walked up to them and shouted Hey how y'all doin today?? I started talking about Christs restored gospel on earth today, and a man with a leaf blower walks by making the most noise possible. Then a huge motor cycle with pipes louder than dad's Harley drove by. It was soo awkward. The woman finally walked over to me only to tell me they weren't interested. So that was fun. Oh, another funny/typical Sister Snowfall thing for y'all this week..., I fell off the church stage on pday last week in front of every missionary in my zone. Its been a very amusing week :)
I experienced one of the most spiritual moments in my mission on Wednesday. We met with a potential investigator named T. She is going through a divorce and a lot of changes in her life. We stopped by to set a return appointment with her and invited her to read the introduction of the book of Mormon. At the end of our lesson, we asked her if she wanted to pray and her little 4 year old daughter ran in and volunteered. She folded her arms only to realize she didn't know how to pray. She asked T what to do and T looked at us and said, "we don't know how to pray."  So we taught T how to pray, who whispered things in her daughters ear. The spirit was overwhelming. I had tears in my eyes as we heard the most simple, powerful and heartfelt prayer come out of both of their mouths. I  LOVE being a missionary!!! Feeling the spirit so much, helping people to come unto Christ, working hard every day,  I wouldn't want to be doing anything else! I know that this is what I am meant to be doing, and I am sooo grateful that I have this opportunity to be serving a mission 2 years earlier than expected!!!

So we had a lesson planned with K on Tuesday at 9, but when we got there nobody answered. I was sooooo devastated. On Saturday we were prompted to stop by on our way home from dinner with a member family. When she opened the door she wasn't in the best mood. We talked to her a little and she told us shes been booked with work for the whole week. She apologized for missing her appointment.  Her "husband" was there and we finally got to meet him!  Also we reset her for baptism on May 18!! Please keep Krystal in your prayers! Satan is working hard on her!! She has just made the most important decision that will open up the gate to exaltation, and Satan knows that!
Also....  we have another investigator set for baptism!! His name is H. P. He was at a baptism and the missionaries met him and set him for baptism that very day.  They found out he lives in Norfolk so we get to teach him! We are meeting Brother P this week and I am soooo excited!

I am emailing so late because today we woke up early to go watch the sunrise at the beach in VA Beach! It was AMAZING. I hope everyone had an amazing Easter, and took the time to remember our Savior Jesus Christ, and what he did for us so that we can live with Heavenly Father again. I am so grateful for the Atonement, and that I can feel peace throughout the days where I am having difficulty accepting peoples agency!
Have an amazing week everyone!!
Love Always,
Sister Snow