Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another Typical Sister Snowfal day but an exceptional spritual day too, week 11

Hello dearest Family!!
This week was awesome! We have been working soooooo hard to find people who the Lord has prepared. So many tender mercies happened this week! Its so amazing to be a missionary and to see the tender mercies of the Lord every single day. Truly I am being protected and led every single day.
We have started working with some recent converts in our ward. One girls name is S, she is a 16 year old who moved here from Colorado. She doesn't really remember much about the lessons she took from the missionaries, but she has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. Teaching her was so amazing. We felt the spirit so strong throughout her entire lesson! The other Recent convert is S. F. She has 3 boys, 2 live with her at home. She just got married in August and baptized 2 days later. She hasn't been to church this year, so we have been meeting with her weekly.  She has been having a really tough pregnancy. On Saturday we found out that she was in the hospital! It was the scariest news to hear that someone you care about is in the hospital! After we had visited Sister Y on Sunday night, I felt very strongly that we needed to visit Sister F. in the hospital. I didn't know why, and we all thought that she would be asleep, but she called us while we were there and told us she was awake and we could stop by. She had been alone on Easter, except for a little visit from her husband and 2 crazy kids, and was super stressed out and needed help putting together some easter baskets for her kids. We came up to her room and helped her out and said a prayer with her. She is so afraid. The doctors said nothing is wrong with the baby as far as they can see, but still something is very wrong with Sister F. She should find out today what is going on!
On Wednesday we contacted some former investigators and we meet this woman named Miss K. We knocked on her door and she opened it wearing just a t-shirt.  Hahaha she was excited to see us and after talking for awhile we found out her uncle is a member in our ward! When we said goodbye,  I went in for a hand shake ( of course) and she yells "I ain't no man gimme a hug!" she pulled me in and then grabbed my companions and we had a group hug in the middle of an apartment complex. hahahah my companions were laughing so hard at the fact that everything awkward always happens to me. I fall all the time, and everyone in Norfolk 2nd knows how to tease me. It's the best. When we went tracting on Saturday, I seemed to be attracting every single awkward moment possible. We were walking down the street and saw an older couple sitting in their garage. Their concrete was wet so the drive way was blocked off, a huge tractor was in the front of their house, and a huge pile of sticks were on the sides of the drive way so nobody could get close to this couple. I've been focusing this week on being BOLD, so I walked up to them and shouted Hey how y'all doin today?? I started talking about Christs restored gospel on earth today, and a man with a leaf blower walks by making the most noise possible. Then a huge motor cycle with pipes louder than dad's Harley drove by. It was soo awkward. The woman finally walked over to me only to tell me they weren't interested. So that was fun. Oh, another funny/typical Sister Snowfall thing for y'all this week..., I fell off the church stage on pday last week in front of every missionary in my zone. Its been a very amusing week :)
I experienced one of the most spiritual moments in my mission on Wednesday. We met with a potential investigator named T. She is going through a divorce and a lot of changes in her life. We stopped by to set a return appointment with her and invited her to read the introduction of the book of Mormon. At the end of our lesson, we asked her if she wanted to pray and her little 4 year old daughter ran in and volunteered. She folded her arms only to realize she didn't know how to pray. She asked T what to do and T looked at us and said, "we don't know how to pray."  So we taught T how to pray, who whispered things in her daughters ear. The spirit was overwhelming. I had tears in my eyes as we heard the most simple, powerful and heartfelt prayer come out of both of their mouths. I  LOVE being a missionary!!! Feeling the spirit so much, helping people to come unto Christ, working hard every day,  I wouldn't want to be doing anything else! I know that this is what I am meant to be doing, and I am sooo grateful that I have this opportunity to be serving a mission 2 years earlier than expected!!!

So we had a lesson planned with K on Tuesday at 9, but when we got there nobody answered. I was sooooo devastated. On Saturday we were prompted to stop by on our way home from dinner with a member family. When she opened the door she wasn't in the best mood. We talked to her a little and she told us shes been booked with work for the whole week. She apologized for missing her appointment.  Her "husband" was there and we finally got to meet him!  Also we reset her for baptism on May 18!! Please keep Krystal in your prayers! Satan is working hard on her!! She has just made the most important decision that will open up the gate to exaltation, and Satan knows that!
Also....  we have another investigator set for baptism!! His name is H. P. He was at a baptism and the missionaries met him and set him for baptism that very day.  They found out he lives in Norfolk so we get to teach him! We are meeting Brother P this week and I am soooo excited!

I am emailing so late because today we woke up early to go watch the sunrise at the beach in VA Beach! It was AMAZING. I hope everyone had an amazing Easter, and took the time to remember our Savior Jesus Christ, and what he did for us so that we can live with Heavenly Father again. I am so grateful for the Atonement, and that I can feel peace throughout the days where I am having difficulty accepting peoples agency!
Have an amazing week everyone!!
Love Always,
Sister Snow

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