Monday, July 22, 2013

6 moths outs! I am a child of God!

This week was a slow one. Pretty tough, extremely hot and humid, and very fulfilling as always! We had a slow start to our week, but kept working our hardest as usual :) Sister H and I are a lot a like.  When I say a lot alike, we are literally the same person. We are always saying the same thing, laughing, making jokes that aren't funny but we think they are, forgetting things, its been crazy.  I have learned that I am a super forgetful person... so its been fun to ALWAYS be writing things down in my planner I don't

On Wednesday we had all of our appointments fall through until our 4:30 appt with F. He is the man who recently lost his son in a car crash. So we were out on his porch getting ready to go inside and teach, and Sister H goes " I'm not feeling well..." next thing I know she's puking over the porch into F's "Jesus plants!" hhahahaa me and a member were cracking up calling her Sister huuuuuurley. She's such a trooper.  We rescheduled and Sister H  felt better so we continued on our evening to teach R. He moved his date up to September 7th, so we are patiently waiting for this date to arrive. The theme for me this week seemed to be patience. It usually is that. I am grateful for the atonement and its infinate capacity to help me with my many weaknesses!
So after this fun day, we took Thursday morning to rest and prep ourselves for the rest of this week! update on my health issue.... I have been avoiding acidic foods, and finalllly on thursday I got some medicine for my stomach. It helped out, and now I dont wake up feeling so nauseous!  A couple nights ago I asked Heavenly Father to help me have strength and not be in so much pain.... and the whole day I felt amazing. God is great. I JUST LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY SO MUCH NOT EVEN WRITING IN ALL CAPS CAN EMPHASIZE MY HAPPINESS, JOY, AND EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!

I am all over the place today and I am so sorry! The library is super packed today and we are all rushed. It's no bueno.

Sister H and I played tough rugby on Thursday. I'm a beast. That was i lie. I am probably the worst rugby player the south has ever seen. But P came and made some friends with members so it was worth my embarrassment :) speaking of P... HE IS SO CLOSE!!! He is so close to the waters of baptism, so this week we are exercising our faith and set a goal to set him for baptism on August 15!!

Bro F won't make his date this weekend. I'm crying, but it's okay because it will come. patience. once again :)

I had a really awesome spiritual experience this Friday. I debated whether or not to share it, but i feel like it is okay :)  this is one of the most distinct impressions I have had so far, and it was an amazing experience. The church is SO TRUE.
So we had a lesson planned with a recent active member who is planning on going through the temple and her son M, who is investigating slowly. Well, Michael didn't show. Luckily we had a back up plan if we were just going to teach this sister. We were planning on teaching about patriarchal blessings. As we said the prayer, the thought came to my mind, she already has it. I kinda brushed it off and thought that it would be crazy if she already had her patriarchal blessing, but then I started thinking about a back up for our back up. All of a sudden I saw this image on a page in the book of Mormon I had read a couple of days ago. I didn't know really what the reference was, but I knew exactly what page and what it was saying. It was super weird, and all this was happening while sister H was praying. I felt the spirit really strong, so I knew exactly what was going to happen....
But me being dumb.... I continued on with our original plan and said ," today we wanted to talk about patriarchal blessings! " OF COURSE Sister Q told us that she already had her patriarchal blessing.  So, feeling stupid, I whipped out my Book of Mormon and we read the passage I saw. After we started talking about it, the spirit was so strong in the room. Sister Q looked down and said that she needs to start reading the Book or Mormon every day, and that she was embarrassed that she hasn't been doing it.

We had NO idea that this is what she needed, but luckily Heavenly Father knows each of his children. All I am here to do is to be a mouthpiece for the Spirit, to teach what Heavenly Father wants me to and to be a representative of our Savior. There is no greater calling than this, to teach souls the simple, direct, amazing gospel of Jesus Christ, and to share my testimony of the power and truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

I love y'all so much! Keep being the amazing examples that you always are. I am so grateful for all of you. Wear Christ in your hearts and people will notice your light.

Sister Snow

ps parentals... remember President Waddel?? stake president? and apparently he is an area of the 70 now??? well guess who showed up in sacrament meeting yesterday!! I went up to him after the meeting and asked if he used to be the stake president of the Del Mar Stake. He says hello!
nbd (no big deal)


Farsty- Chelsea wanted to make sure we remembered how awesome beautiful she is

The Outer Banks Trio on a light house

Monday, July 8, 2013

Met the new President!

hello fam!
This weeek was a great amazing week, we had a lot of fun teaching the gospel and GUESS what, we met President Baker!!!! He is so inspired, so amazing, so kind, so funny, so compassionate. We got to shake his hand and Sister Bakers hand and Elder Lansing I think is his name, an area of the 70. Wow. When President Baker walked into the room we all stood up and the spirit was so strong. Some fun facts about president baker:
He is a convert to the church
He was baptized when he was 22? I think.. his senior year of BYU
He was a stake president, then a bishop, now a mission president. He's so funny, he said that he is doing it all backwards. He started as a stake president, then a bishop, and now he is serving as mission President. He said he is terrified to think what will happen to him when he is released.  lolzzzzz

President baker has invited all of us to read the Book of Mormon from the very beginning, 7 pages a day and to finish by two transfers. We are emphasizing the power of the Book of Mormon, and I am so excited to gain an even strong testimony of this amazing book!

This week was a little slow, the fourth of July was a no proselyting day due to the drunk BBQs and extreme traffic that is here in the outer banks, NC. This place is PACKED.  We watched the firework on the sand dunes and got special permission to be out until 1030. It was super fun!

Aside from the fun of the fourth of July, we had some amazing spiritual lessons with KB. She is soooo close. She was one of those investigators that was meeting with us because she "loves learning about all religion" but last night she opened up to us her fears of God and praying to know and we told her that this was the truth she was looking for. She has a fear of joining a certain religion because she has issues with "authority." But all is well, I know she will be baptized. While we were teaching her, something popped into my mind, and I said it, just trusting that this was what she needed to hear, all of a sudden the spirit literally guided my words as I spoke to her with not just my words but with my whole soul. I promised her that God will answer her prayers. It's not a matter of if... it's when. He will answer our prayers because he LOVES us and there is nothing that can be argued about it! I love being a missionary. It's times like this that I reflect on when I am feeling down or discouraged. Ahhhhh being a missionary is so amazingggggggg!!!

R set for September 14. It is so frustrating because he could be baptized today and all would be well. He doesn't want to make a huge decision like being baptized until he is 100% ready. he wants to quit smoking before he is baptized. but he knows that it is true. He was so excited for Sunday to come around because he was going to bare his testimony at church! but Satan is seriously ATTACKING HIM. It's crazy to see. This whole week everything has been going wrong. literally everything. We randomly decided to go to his work and visit him and right when we did, the back room had flooded over and we mopped it up for him. Crazy stuff.  He has gotten locked out of his apartment, money problems are popping up, everything you can imagine, it is happening. We told him the sooner he gets the gift of the Holy Ghost, the better! We will see what happens. I know he will get baptized sooner.
We have been working a lot with P, one of our members 20 year old son. Not really any big news to update ya'll on.
Transfer calls were yesterday night..... dun dun dunnnnn
Sister Mendez is becoming a Hermana and is training and opening a new Spanish area in Kilmarnik Va. Crazy thing is that this was her area before she came here! Sister H urley and I are staying in Nags head!!! it will just be the two of us!!! First time in a normal companionship! I am super excited :)
This is going to be an awesome transfer. I am so excited to be a missionary, so blessed to be able to serve my God and my Savior. I know that this is His work, His church, and that He is guiding us every day.

Have a blessed day,

Sister Snow
PS: Nick congrats on your call!!! I can't believe you are already going on a mission. So grown up :) love you!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 22 "What motivates you?

Happy July 4th week! Its weird thinking about where I would be if I were home right now... soaking it up at Lake Powell with my favorite people in the world, but I am SO lucky to be a missionary. It's weird to say, but I would much rather be here in the outer banks sharing the gospel with everyone. You all will be in my thoughts, especially when I see those fireworks shoot off :)
It's OFFICIAL.. I am now in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission. I don't even know how to spell Chesapeake. Oh goodness. Anyways... President and Sister Perry left on Friday. I got a call from sister Perry on Thursday in regards to my stomach issues, so it was a good excuse to get to say goodbye to the Perry FAMILY!!! hahha it's been super weird. President and Sister Baker are now here as of Thursday. We haven't heard anything from them, or anything in regards to new technology, new rules, anything. We have been kind of in the dark these past couple of days, but it has been an adventure. We were laughing today about how we are the "other sheep that are not of this fold(the virginia richmond mission)" Tomorrow we are having mission conference with the Bakers! I am soo so excited to be able to meet them FINALLYYY.
This week was really amazing. It went by really fast. One of the fastest weeks so far. I can not believe that it is already July. Man how the time seriously flies. Missionary work is challenging. We had an amazing district meeting on Thursday and we talked a lot about what motivates us. Why we are on missions, why we are obedient, why we do the things we do. I have been doing some serious reflecting on this. The whole rest of my week I tried to change my outlook and my motivation. We are all motivated by different things, but what I realized should be our main motivator is our Savior and Heavenly Father. We are here on earth to learn and to grow. We will go through lots of opposition, and lots of happiness. We are given free agency so we can chose Christ or choose Satan. We know what is the best ending, we know how to end up there, but the hard part about making the right choices is having the desire and motivation. So when we center that motivation on Jesus Christ, we can always have the strength to make the right choices and follow Him and his gospel.
President Perry always said, CHOOSE CHRIST. We all are imperfect people. We all have days where we feel inadequate. But we can not let Satan get us down. We need to chose Christ, speedily repent, and get back on our feet! Don't dwell in misery, CHOOSE CHRIST! This has been on my mind a lot, especially after teaching a less active member named Brother B (rhymes with airy). Sweet I know.  He is such a good guy. He is living with his girlfriend who isn't a member and he feels misery for that. He won't come to church and doesn't feel good enough to do the little things that can help us come closer to Christ. We had an amazing lesson with him about the Atonement and repentance. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been in. There is no better feeling in the world than opening your mouth and letting the spirit of the Lord work through you, and seeing someone be touched by the Spirit. I don't know if that made sense or just sounded super creepy.... Last night, as you saw, we had a big dinner with the Jacobson family. Sister Jacobson reminds me so much of Sister Bertha. Always looking for missionary opportunities, always opening her house to events, always loving everyone and constantly radiating with the Spirit. She is awesome. We invited Brother Band his fiance, and R. We also had the F's there, they are an amazing family as well. The nags head ward has so many AMAZING people who are focused on missionary work and helping everyone around them.  Glad they sent you the pictures! I'm glad you got to see R. Sad you had to see me and all the glory of humidified hair and 100 lbs gained :)
R is planning on pushing his baptismal date forward!! Also brother F has to push his date back... he won't make the 17 of July,  but all is well. We are working so hard, and the hand of the Lord is involved in the work.
I am so grateful to be a missionary. I thank God every single day for this wonderful opportunity I have to be a missionary for the true, full, restored gospel of Jesus Christ. There is nothing more satisfying, more joyful, more important that I could be doing right now than being a missionary. I have never once regretted this decision!
Transfer calls are this Sunday!!! Sketchhhh. I am so scared. I do not want to leave this place. I have fallen in love with the area and these people. There is so much work to be done here and
I am not ready to leave! We will see what happens.. it's all in the Lords hands. Good thing He is a perfect God and can not make mistakes :) who better to trust than God??
have fun at Lake Powell.

NICK!!!!! I am so excited for you! I don't know if I can wait to hear where you are going!!
Summer, I am glad you had a happy birthday!
Sister Snow