Monday, July 8, 2013

Met the new President!

hello fam!
This weeek was a great amazing week, we had a lot of fun teaching the gospel and GUESS what, we met President Baker!!!! He is so inspired, so amazing, so kind, so funny, so compassionate. We got to shake his hand and Sister Bakers hand and Elder Lansing I think is his name, an area of the 70. Wow. When President Baker walked into the room we all stood up and the spirit was so strong. Some fun facts about president baker:
He is a convert to the church
He was baptized when he was 22? I think.. his senior year of BYU
He was a stake president, then a bishop, now a mission president. He's so funny, he said that he is doing it all backwards. He started as a stake president, then a bishop, and now he is serving as mission President. He said he is terrified to think what will happen to him when he is released.  lolzzzzz

President baker has invited all of us to read the Book of Mormon from the very beginning, 7 pages a day and to finish by two transfers. We are emphasizing the power of the Book of Mormon, and I am so excited to gain an even strong testimony of this amazing book!

This week was a little slow, the fourth of July was a no proselyting day due to the drunk BBQs and extreme traffic that is here in the outer banks, NC. This place is PACKED.  We watched the firework on the sand dunes and got special permission to be out until 1030. It was super fun!

Aside from the fun of the fourth of July, we had some amazing spiritual lessons with KB. She is soooo close. She was one of those investigators that was meeting with us because she "loves learning about all religion" but last night she opened up to us her fears of God and praying to know and we told her that this was the truth she was looking for. She has a fear of joining a certain religion because she has issues with "authority." But all is well, I know she will be baptized. While we were teaching her, something popped into my mind, and I said it, just trusting that this was what she needed to hear, all of a sudden the spirit literally guided my words as I spoke to her with not just my words but with my whole soul. I promised her that God will answer her prayers. It's not a matter of if... it's when. He will answer our prayers because he LOVES us and there is nothing that can be argued about it! I love being a missionary. It's times like this that I reflect on when I am feeling down or discouraged. Ahhhhh being a missionary is so amazingggggggg!!!

R set for September 14. It is so frustrating because he could be baptized today and all would be well. He doesn't want to make a huge decision like being baptized until he is 100% ready. he wants to quit smoking before he is baptized. but he knows that it is true. He was so excited for Sunday to come around because he was going to bare his testimony at church! but Satan is seriously ATTACKING HIM. It's crazy to see. This whole week everything has been going wrong. literally everything. We randomly decided to go to his work and visit him and right when we did, the back room had flooded over and we mopped it up for him. Crazy stuff.  He has gotten locked out of his apartment, money problems are popping up, everything you can imagine, it is happening. We told him the sooner he gets the gift of the Holy Ghost, the better! We will see what happens. I know he will get baptized sooner.
We have been working a lot with P, one of our members 20 year old son. Not really any big news to update ya'll on.
Transfer calls were yesterday night..... dun dun dunnnnn
Sister Mendez is becoming a Hermana and is training and opening a new Spanish area in Kilmarnik Va. Crazy thing is that this was her area before she came here! Sister H urley and I are staying in Nags head!!! it will just be the two of us!!! First time in a normal companionship! I am super excited :)
This is going to be an awesome transfer. I am so excited to be a missionary, so blessed to be able to serve my God and my Savior. I know that this is His work, His church, and that He is guiding us every day.

Have a blessed day,

Sister Snow
PS: Nick congrats on your call!!! I can't believe you are already going on a mission. So grown up :) love you!!!

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