Monday, September 9, 2013

Part 2 of week 33

Hello again...
So i was writing this amazing super spiritual, long email this week. I was reading over it before i sent it and then i pressed send and i looked and all that got sent was the hello and the ending part. So ill try to quickly tell you about this week!
We had some amazing lessons. the spirit was so strong. We taught Katibeth this week and learned that she believes that before she was placed on this earth that she lived with God before, and she actually chose to be here on earth. Our jaws just dropped to the floor. she just explained the pre-earth life. The spirit flooded the room. Katibeth was quiet, waiting for our response. the spirit prompted my thoughts, i knew i needed to be bold. I looked Katibeth in the eyes and told her that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has all the answers to her questions. that this church is the only true church on the earth and the only way she is going to learn this for herself is if she acts; if she reads the book of Mormon and she prays about it. I was getting emotional as i told her how when we first met her we were compelled to talk to her. Sister Hymas and i were bouncing off of each other, bearing our hearts out to her and testifying to her of the love that Heavenly Father has for her.
I wish i could explain these situations to you better, but this was one of my favorite teaching experiences and i know that Heavenly Father has prepared Katibeth to hear the truth. It was so cool seeing for myself that there really are people here that are prepared. that are truly searching for answers that only the fulness of the gospel can answer.
We also got the chance to see Luke. He is one of our most promising investigators! He doesn't feel like he is ready or worthy to be baptized yet. especially sense after the lesson in gospel principles when an area of the 70 came to our class that we were teaching that day... and asked Luke in front of everybody who he confesses his sins to. We have been helping him to know what he needs to do to get his answer that this church is the true church and that the book of Mormon is true. we have set high goals to get him baptized in the next couple of weeks.
Kyle is doing well. He is working on getting his answer about the Book of Mormon.
Patrick and the Farrenkopfs are still doing great. Patrick bore his testimony to us about the power of the gift of the holy ghost. it was amazing
We taught Tina this week as well. Tina is a woman we met back in may, and when we saw her i felt prompted to start talking about the plan of salvation. it was strange.. but we went for it and found out that her mother passed away and she has serious questions about the purpose of life. Well we in the mean time have given her a book of Mormon and invited her to pray about it. We talked to her this past week about it, and she READ IT!!! ahhhhh. we were so excited! She told us what she enjoyed about it and we set up a return apt to teach her about the restoration of the gospel. Do you want to hear how weird i am? of course you do. so as we were teaching her, I saw in my head Tina standing in front of relief society and bearing her testimony that the church is true. She was telling everyone how she had so many questions that the gospel of Jesus Christ answered. I started tearing up.. I have too much "white vision." I get a little carried away. But really this is such a big part of missionary work! this is the goal! To  help people learn about and receive the fulness of the gospel. There is no greater happiness than this.

Robert is getting baptized this Sunday. Our mission president has banned ocean baptisms and Robert is very sentimental and very upset about his. So he called president Baker up this past week and plead his case to him. President is praying about it, but we will see what the verdict is.
Cant wait to tell you what happens with that!
I know that this church is true and I know that we can come closer to Heavenly Father every single day. We can increase our testimonies every single day. we need to do this! Satan is out there, trying to weaken us. we must be on guard always and the way we can do this is by studying the scriptures daily, praying and keeping the commandments. when we do this we can have the spirit of the Lord with us to warn us, to protect  us, to guide us.

Sister Snow

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