Saturday, September 7, 2013

Best Week of my life! Week 30

Best week of my life. hands down.
This week we got the amazing privilege to witness 2 of the most beautiful baptisms ever. Earlier in the week we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. it was a party. we got to GO TO NORFOLK!!! i teared up going back to my new area because all the amazing memories and friends i left came flooding back to mind. oh man some times its rough being a missionary! you meet the most amazing people, become super close with them and then you leave. but its all worth it. Norfolk was super fun, i went with sister Wylie for the day and we had so much fun. 
Friday was Patrick's baptism. He SHAVED HIS BEARD!!! wow the gospel is true that's all I'm going to say. The baptism was amazing. His dad, brother Kelly gave an amazing talk on the importance of baptism. he was so nervous. Patrick's mother came, who wasn't too eager for this new change. during the talks and musical number i looked back to see Ann Marie crying! The spirit truly had touched her heart. the baptism was beautiful. On Saturday was Andrew's! Nikki, his wife gave an amazing talk and i was in tears the entire time. Not only was this a leap of faith for Andrew, but it was the first step that was needed to be taken so that their family could be sealed in the temple. the inside of his program had a picture of their family that said "families can be together forever." Its so good to know that this is their goal, and that they are preparing to make sacred covenants in the holy temple. Sister Hurley and I sang "I can only imagine" at Andrew's baptism and it was so emotional we destroyed the ending. 
Sunday both Patrick and Andrew were confirmed as members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints and received the gift of the Holy ghost. 
this is what the church is all about. teaching others to learn about our Savior Jesus Christ, teaching them to have faith, to repent, to be baptized so they can receive the gift of the holy ghost. This is my purpose for the next 11 months, and i will not loose focus on this. The church is SO true. I have seen it change so many peoples lives, and this week i got to witness two of my favorite people take part in a sacred ordinance of turning their lives over to Christ. There is truly no greater happiness.
We have been reading the book of Mormon as a mission for the past 6 weeks. I am about to go on a rant and I apologize for my missionary speeches....
I am so blessed that i got to be raised in the church. I never have truly felt the "lost" feeling that i have heard so many people talk about. I have always had my family, my ward family, prayer, and the scriptures to turn to when things got tough. But i didn't take advantage of this. especially the scriptures. I have so much love for the words that are written on our scriptures, especially the book of Mormon. a year ago, if i could have known how powerful the book of Mormon is , i would have never justified not reading my scriptures every day. these words are literally saved for us. They have been prepared by prophets of ancient times for us to read, to study, to ponder, and to apply to our lives. Don't let yourself get into a habit of taking them for granted like i did!!! I know that the book of Mormon is true. I know that it really is another testament of Jesus Christ.every single day my testimony of its truth is strengthened. I want to read it all the time. This book has changed me, and it continues to change me every single day.
Let it change you.
I love y'all so much. thank you for your support and love. I am so grateful for you wonderful examples to me!
Oh! I almost forgot! transfer calls were yesterday....
Sister Hurley is leaving me to go to Moore Head City, apparently its another beach in North Carolina. 4ish hours south.
I am staying here! I am so excited, I know that my work isn't done here in Nags Head. I am going to be training a new sister! 
Sista Snow

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