Monday, September 23, 2013

"We aren't obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see" Week 34

I say the same thing at the beginning of every week probably. I am shocked at how fast this week has flown by. It blows my mind continually. Not really any big news to report on this week. Sister Hymas and I got a brief 24 hour flu thing on Wednesday/Thursday but we pushed through it and kept working hard. We have been going going going this whole transfer and I LOVE it. We have been working so hard we rarely take time to eat lunch! Don't worry momma, we still eat. 
This week was full of helping people move, cleaning out pools, covering pools with tarps for hurricane season, visiting with lots of less active and recent converts, and little miracles every day. That sounded so cheesy. Haha, really though every single day we see some sort of miracle. We know it is because we make it our priority to be obedient to the mission standards and the commandments of the Lord. sometimes it seems like the weeks have themes. Some weeks it's the importance of the Holy Ghost. Other weeks it is the importance of hard work, or personal prayers, or the Book of Mormon. This week it was obedience. My testimony of obedience has grown so much. As latter day saints a lot is expected of us, and we can not afford to not be obedient. If we aren't obedient we can't have the spirit. We can not succeed in life.  We need to be obedient so we can receive all the blessings that Heavenly Father has is store for us and for his children that we can influence when we are doing what is right.
We found some new investigators this week which has been a miracle in its self :) We have been struggling with a lot of our investigators lately. Luke and Kyle are the only ones who are truly progressing towards baptism. So we have set a goal this week to find many new investigators. We are determined and confident that the Lord has prepared specific children here that we need to find. It is going to be a fun week! I am expecting miracles :)
Remember last week when I told y'all about Carol? Well we had another lesson with her..... ready?????
okay. She told us that she prayed again about the Book of Mormon and she couldn't read it. She said every time she started to read someone would call, she would fall asleep, or she'd get bored. She said it was God telling her not to read it. Actually, his name is Satan and he's the worst EVER.  Anyways.. we taught her the restoration and explained the role of Joseph Smith and went into a lot of detail about the great apostasy, and it clicked with her!! She told us she gets it, and that she would try AGAIN to read the Book of Mormon. That she was planning on going to the beach on Saturday to mediate and that she would know by then what "God wants her to do." Every single time we teach, she starts with an opinion made, we bare our testimony and teach her, and then she recommits herself to read again. She then went on to tell us that we aren't allowed to leave, (transfer calls are this sunday) and that we need to convert her boyfriend Eugene.  Hahaha she told us that "we could convert a jew to become christian." Weirdest lesson ever. Teaching Carol is literally like riding a shaky roller coster. We start out super rocky, she says mean comments, we teach with love, then the spirit is there super strong and it's one of the best lessons I have ever been in, then she makes a comment about her views of gospel doctrines such as adam and eve, and the spirit is GONE. It is very interesting...
but I am excited to hear about her prayer experience!
Kyle is progressing very well. We committed him to repent this week. We literally told him to confess his sins to God. It was the BEST. We met with him twice this week and on Saturday we followed up on his commitment. He told us that he spent some time praying to God. He continued on and asked us very sincere questions on repentance, and expressed that he has the desire to be baptized. We are working with him on setting a date. He hasn't made the commitment yet but its coming!!!
Patrick went to the temple saturday. He and Brother Kelly submitted 40 family names to be baptized. He also got a calling yesterday-family history consultant!
Robert is doing well. He is on a spiritual high and is trying to figure out how to get his girlfriend Amy to come to church. She has a lot of potential!!!!
The Farrenkopfs are slowly progressing. We are working on helping them to stay all 3 hours of church.

I love this work. It is the most rewarding, exciting, tiring thing I have ever done in  my entire life. The gospel is so true. We are so blessed to be able to have it in our lives! Following the commandments and being obedient is worth the struggles that sometimes arrive. This gospel isn't something that we just follow on Sundays. Its not something we automatically master. We have to work on ourselves every single day to be able to be the best people, to be able to be the people Heavenly Father wants us to be. I promise I am working my hardest out here to help God's children learn of the truth. To help them come unto to Christ and to partake of the same blessings we have been fortunate to receive in our own lives!!!!!
Have an amazing week! Can you believe I am at 8 months already????? whatttt

Sister Snow

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