Saturday, September 7, 2013

Greenie! Week 31

Hola fam fam!
happy birthday fatherrr!!! So this week was a great/tough week! we taught some of our last lessons together (sister Hurley and I) and then we said our goodbyes on Thursday morning! She was so lucky, on Wednesday there was an 8 year old baptism that we helped set up, and so all of our favorite ward members were there to say goodbye. It's always so hard to leave an area, especially the first one you serve in. They literally become your family, and the relationships formed are so close. Transfer day was intense. I had to be at a trainers meeting and i got to see sister Mendez! she is training again, and doing super well. President Baker told us how important of a role it is to train and how my new companions entire perspective of missionary life relies on me. no pressure.
As we walked into transfer meeting, we saw 2 rows of the new missionaries sitting in the front row. You could feel the tension and the nerves as soon as we stepped into the chapel. President Baker is super computer savvy and he put together a presentation to show the area we are serving in and the missionary there. Usually we have to get up in front of all of the missionaries and talk about our area and why its the best area in the mission :) but nooooo, instead there was a picture of our area and a picture of our faces. Mom.... remember how you were telling me when I was working on my papers that i should use a good picture?? i wish i listened to you and used a better picture.... my nasty face popped up and all the missionaries in the chapel got the privilege of seeing that beauty.
Ready to hear about the new companion???
Her name is Sister Hymas and she is from Utah! 19 years old and super cool. She is a lot different from all of my companions, a lot more quiet and proper if that's the right word??
Our first night here we were in charge of a scripture study at the cutest old couples home ever, so she got to meet a lot of the amazing members in the area. On Friday she got to meet Robert and his girlfriend, and we worked with some less actives who i have never met before. One didn't speak English at all so that was interesting/hilarious.
Saturday was crazy. Brother Kelly had given sister Hurley and I a referral for a boy named Jeromy. He just got out of jail and he is really seeking for something to belong to. We finally after 2 weeks got to teach him. This was sister Hymas's first real lesson out in the field and she was sooo nervous. I was too. Its amazing how the spirit can help us though. We both were unified and taught our little hearts out. Sister Hymas invited Jeromy to be baptized! his answer wasn't what we hoped for, but he said if he knew that the book of Mormon was true he would "eventually." we have another appointment with him on Tuesday so I'm really excited about it! we both feel really good about him.
RIGHT after we finished saying the prayer, kyle (Patrick's friend who we had an appointment with) shows up and we are all just sitting there all awkward because Jeromy and brother Kelly weren't leaving. So we told them that we were going to teach Kyle, and Jeromy said he didn't have to be at work for another hour and asked if he could stay. hahaa so he got to hear the restoration twice. lucky guy!
The second time we taught was much more clear, so i am having faith that Jeromy needed to be there for the message of the restoration to really sink in :)
On Sunday Sister Hymas got to meet the members of the ward! It was so nice to see everybody so warm and welcoming to the new missionary! We were in charge of teaching gospel principles again because our teacher went to college.... did i tell y'all about a member of the quorum of the 70 coming to church a couple of weeks ago and our teacher didn't show up to class so we had to teach the class last minute, with a general authority there???!?! if i did, sorry i am telling you again. scariest/coolest moment of my life.
Sunday a man named Jerry rolled into church. he literally rolled... he has a scooter chair thing. He told us he decided he wanted to come to church and that he is friends with the Moores. We talked to him before church started about the book of Mormon and about the church services. Then we set up an appointment with him after church at the Moores house. We taught him about the book of Mormon and we are meeting with him next week. so that was exciting!!
Also the mayor of Manteo came to church! he is friends with brother Kelly and wanted to see what church was all about, because Patrick has recently been baptized.
speaking of Patrick... yesterday Patrick and Andrew received the priesthood!!!!!!!!!
training is super stressful and I have felt pretty alone and overwhelmed the past couple of days, but i am reminded to turn it to the savior. His atonement and his love can help me through this and He can give me strength. I know that this work is the Lords work and that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is SO TRUE.
love you all!!!
good luck with the last days of summer. have fun at school Channy poo
Sister Snow
Ether 12:6

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