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sunrise, Sunsets,Ocean baptism, Week 34

May the Force be with you, or don't mess with this missionary!

Country Girl

Bodie Lighthouse, Outer Banks

Roberts Baptism at Sunrise


Sister H and I

Roberts Baptism

Sunrise on the Sabbath, Nags Head, NC
Hello Fam Bam!
Once again I am shocked at the fact that I am sitting at this computer again, emailing about another week. It went by SOOO fast. Missionary time is the weirdest thing! Sometimes the days feel so slow, but the weeks just fly by. I cant explain it!
On Monday we got the chance to explore the Bodie Island Lighthouse, so that was cool. Google it. It's sweet! I promise.
Tuesday we had exchanges with the Sister trainer leaders. Sister Wylie and Sister Tarwater came to the OBX to work with us for the day. Sister Hymas was a little nervous about being with a new companion for the day. I was with Sister Wylie on and Sister Hymas was with Sister Tarwater. Sister Tarwater is super sweet. She is from Arizona.

Since it was Sister Wylie and I together on Tuesday, we got to leave the house at 10 o'clock instead of 11, so that was super duper exciting. While we were out walking, I got a phone call from Robert. He told us that President Baker approved his OCEAN SUNRISE baptism. Robert was sooooo happy. He told me that when he heard this news he "started weeping." He told me that he will dedicate his life to being a faithful member, and to not let God down because He let Robert have his wish. Honestly I was super shocked that President approved it.
Sister Wylie and I went to teach Luke, and Patrick came along with us! This was one of my favorite lessons ever for many reasons.
1. The Spirit was SO strong
2. Patrick bore his testimony to Luke about how answers to prayers come in God's own time, and how his leap of faith was one of the best decisions he's made.
3. We set a date for Luke to be baptized on October 5th! wooooooo
4. Luke said a prayer at the end :)
The rest of the day we taught a couple of other lessons, then we got lost and forgot where we parked our car and spent 30 minutes fast walking down the beach road. I stepped on a huge rock and have been limping ever sense.
Wednesday we had the chance to teach Carol, she's very religious and close to God. She's baptist and every time we start teaching her she tells asks if she can make us baptist. HAHA. She also is missing a leg. I love this woman. Really all the people here in the outer banks have my whole entire heart. I love them all so much and they have changed my life. (sorry about my random tangents) So carol told us that she prayed about the book of Mormon and she received a "no, it's not true." I felt so sick inside. I have never ever ever heard an answer like this before! Carol left the room and Sister Hymas looked at me with the look of "what do we do" and in my head I thought "I have no idea."  A very calm feeling came over me and my heart was at peace. I told her it's going to be okay, and that we will follow the spirit and address her concerns. As Carol wheeled herself back into the room, I asked her to share with us what she read and what she prayed about to Heavenly Father, She told us that she said a prayer before she read that the words would speak truth to her. She said that as she started, nothing sunk it, she couldn't get herself to read it, and she kept putting it down. As she kept talking, she told us about her experience with the bible and how she first read it. As we truly LISTENED to her speak, we found out that she had the SAME experience with the bible before! It is amazing how much the Holy ghost can do for us as members of the church. We can just know that something is going to work out without being able to explain it. You just FEEL it.  So as we taught Carol about the Book of Mormon and bore our testimonies of its truth, she told us that she would try it again. As we walked out of that lesson I kept thinking about how much trust I am putting in the Book of Mormon and in heavenly father. I never really thought before this experience how much trust I have had in our heavenly father and in the Book of Mormon. I tell multiple people daily that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, that if they ask God with a sincere heart and real intent, that He will answer their prayers and that the holy ghost will tell them that the Book of Mormon is true. I seriously had a little spiritual moment to myself as we were driving, and I came to realization of how much God really does love all of His children. No matter where they are in their lives, He will hear all of our prayers, he wants all of us to come home to him. He is rooting for us all to make the right choices and to come unto Christ.  How amazing is that?!?! The most POWERFUL,  SUPREME, OMNIPOTENT, JUST, and MERCIFUL being of all time and eternity LOVES us so deeply that we cannot even comprehend it. He loves us so much he sent his Son to die for us so that we can be clean. He loves us so much he has called prophets to lead and guide us, and the scriptures to help us learn how to come closer to Christ every single day! He loves us so much he forgives us!  Just think about that for a little while. I still am.... hahaha
 As a missionary I have the responsibility to help EVERYONE learn of this love. To invite everyone to come unto Christ, to be cleansed and purified through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end.
On Friday we had zone conference. I have been praying about a couple questions I have had, one specifically about how to help investigators recognize revelation through prayer. The second training we received was on revelation through prayer. Once again I felt powerfully how involved Heavenly Father is in every detail of my life.
Saturday Hermana Mendez one of my old companions came down to stay with us for Robert Baptism Sunday morning. It was really good to see her again.
Roberts baptism was amazing. It started at 6am and 30 people showed up to support him. Robert's brother and his wife came, along with Roberts girlfriend, Amy. We had the talks and service in the church and then we drove to the beach access to see the baptism. Paul Kelly baptized Robert. It was his first time in the ocean in over 8 years. The waves were HUGE and he got baptized right as the sun was coming up. He walked out of the ocean so happy, so clean, so ready to start his new life. It was an experience I will never ever forget.
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's church restored onto the earth today. I know that the gospel changes lives. I have seen it in myself and in others. I am SO grateful for my amazing family who continues to live the gospel and support me and all the craziness that happens out here in the OBX. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am striving to make Him and my family back home proud!!!
Sister Snow

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