Monday, October 7, 2013

I might be on youtube!

Good afternoon loved ones!!
This week I learned a lot about pushing through and looking up in times of stress and disappointment. Luckily it was lifted with the AMAZING sessions of general conference!! How amazing is it that we got to listen to the words of God spoken through our prophet and general authorities???!! It seriously felt like Christmas morning as we drove to the church on Saturday morning. The talks were all so inspired, and each one lifted me and provided me with a lot of personal revelation. Every single question I had written down that I wanted to be answered was answered. I know that God is so mindful of all of his children. ( Alma 26:37)
Earlier this week we met a woman named Tyra. She was a referral given to us by a member in our ward who just moved in. She told us that Miss T told her she was looking for a church and then when Sister C told her that she was LDS, Miss T said she was as well. whhaaaat? So when we met Miss T on Wednesday we weren't really sure what to expect. Miss T is this huge llady who is a nanny. I felt like I was back in Norfolk. Miss T told us how she became introduced to the gospel and how she came to know that this church was true. She then told us about many problems that came up immediately following her baptism. She got fired because she was a Mormon, then the bishop let her move into their home, then the bishops wife started thinking she was a liar and her boss called Miss T a liar and the bishop didn't trust her. Her story didn't really make a lot of sense, but we did our best to not develop judgements about her. We talked to her about the church being true but the people aren't and that they are still people and make mistakes. We invited her to general conference and she came in right before President Uchtdorf gave his AMAZING talk. My jaw literally dropped as he spoke directly to her. All of his concerns he addressed were concerns of hers that she had tearfully expressed to us on Wednesday. She told us on Wednesday that she wanted to get her records removed from the church. After conference she met bishop Mahr and told us that she wants to come back. She set up an appointment with us as well. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE.  My testimony of God's love for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US was strengthened so much. Heavenly Father knew when Miss T would be listening. What she needed to hear. 

What did Heavenly Father provide for us to hear at general conference?

We started off the week on Preparation day going on a Ferry ride! It was hilarious. We aren't allowed to go on any boat rides as missionaries, which is hard for me because this entire area revolves around water sports, boat rides, yacht making, and fishing! So naturally our zone leaders call us on Sunday night asking if we wanted to come with them and some other elders in our district to go ride a ferry. Of course we said yes. Sister Hymas and I were so excited to ride this source of public transportation. Funny story... so you all are aware of how well of a driver I am.... And also how attentive I am... NOT. So I was driving us onto the ferry and I didn't pay attention to the countless workers telling me I was going on the wrong side. Once I pulled up to the spot I needed to park, one of the employees told me to back up and go on the other side. As a normal person, this isn't so bad. But one of the rules we follow diligently is that the other missionary has to get out of the car and "back me out" by standing behind the car and directing me. hahahahahahaha so Sister Hymas had to get out of the car in front of 6 elders, 2 school buses full of high schoolers (taking videos on their iPhones), and a of couple random cars.  I might be on youtube.

This week we taught Jeanne Simmons again. Yes, family, I am teaching the lead singer of KISS!!!!!!!! actually she is a baptist woman missionary who is very challenging to teach.We taught her the plan of salvation last week... My biggest fear of going on a mission was getting sent to the South and having to teach bible bashers and get destroyed by them. I have been very fortunate and have had peaceful, spiritual discussions with investigators who love their bible. J really has a desire to know truth, and we taught her the restoration with her friend who is a member of the branch in Currituck Present. J had a lot of different ideas of what certain gospel doctrines are, but she told us that she will read and pray about the book of mormon. I know that she felt the spirit.
The rest of the week got a lot slower, but I have learned so powerfully the importance of HARD WORK. How can you be lazy when there is so much to do! I can't remember the exact words or who said it on Saturdays conference session, but don't look back, there is so much work we still have to do. Whether we are missionaries called to serve in some strange new land, or faithful latter day saints working hard every day to represent their Savior, we have so much work to do. This life is so short and we cannot afford to waste any time.
I am so grateful for my Savior. For the reality of what the Atonement can do for all of us, not just some of his children. Christ is there for us all, no matter what. He has felt it. I know that all we have to do is let him in. Give him our weaknesses, our fears, our doubts. He will make them strengths through the power and mercy of his infinite atonement.
Have an amazing week!! Thank you all so much for your prayers and letters. You are a strength to me every single day.
Have a blessed day!!
sister snow

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