Monday, October 14, 2013

Choose Happy, Choose Christ (9 months outs, 9 more to go!) an Oh, and I rebuked the President, accidentally

This week was crayyy. It was the best week in terms of key indicators that I have ever had. It has taken me 6 months to realize this, but the zone I am in struggles with finding people and teaching. Every week the numbers are very low, getting 3 member presents a week is seen as normal. Not for us. We are PUSHING ourselves to the point of exhaustion every single day. We finish planning and by that time it's about 9:30 and I feel like its 3 am. I am always tired. It's great!!!  Being in the south has really been an eye opening experience for me.
I ate collards for the first time on Monday. I don't even know what they are really... some kinda sour vegetable? People here are weird.
On Tuesday we had exchanges with sister Tarwater and Sister Wylie. For the first time I want with Sista Wylie... it was weird. I'm obsessed with that girl. She's seriously one of my favorite people ever. Anyways!! I went with sister Tarwater... she is 32 years old and is from Arizona. I felt like I was a child, and my hyperness and clutsiness didn't help the situation, but hey. It was great. Sister Hymas was scared to have to take over her side of the area, but I told her she was ready to do this, and she did an amazing job with Sister Wylie. Sister Tarwater and I went to teach Jeanne Simmons. She told us that she prayed about the Book of Mormon and the "answer she received was displeasing in our favor..." what is with people here praying and getting an answer that the Book of Mormon is false????????????? This is the second time this has happened!! Obviously we didn't do a very good job explaining real intent and asking with faith and an open heart... so we focused on that with Jeanne. Her countenance softened as we testified and especially as we all read the Book of Mormon together. There is always such an amazing spirit that enters the room as we read the words of Christ from the Book of Mormon. That book softens hearts. I have seen it every single day for the past almost 9 months.
 We went tracting and found 3 new souls. Two already had Book of Mormons which was super rare. Bob, Barbara, and Justin.
We dropped by a family who is becoming less active and we shared a scripture on the door step about repentance and setting Christ as our foundation (Helaman 5 :11-12) The husband wasn't home but as we taught briefly about the love of God and the mercy of Christ she started tearing up. The spirit was very strong. She invited us over for dinner next week! score. just kidding.
We also met the mother of a less active woman who only speaks spanish apparently. The only thing I knew how to say was El Libro De Mormon, Bano and por favor. So that came in handy :) Sister Hymas and Sister Wylie got to teach Luke and Kyle. They focused on the importance of making sacrifices and how the blessings do come when we live the commandents. They shared 2 nephi 2 :27 and basically told him that all the choices that he makes will either lead to liberty and eternal life or capitivity and hell. We taught Kyle again on Thursday. Kyle is struggling with the word of wisdom, and this weekend he was going on a trip to his girlfriends college sororiety formal dance... he told us that it is impossible to not drink there. Oh we told him it was possible. We helped him practice telling his girlfriend that he wasn't going to drink, why he wasn't going to do it, and asking her to not drink with him.  Like I have said, everytime we teach Kyle he surprises me. We asked him why he wasnt going to drink and he said because he's been reading the Book of Mormon and studying it's words and God has told us that drinking is not good. Then we asked if he believed that was true and he said yes. I started tearing up. Kyle was so nervous to tell his girlfriend. We told him to commit before hand that he wasn't going to drink so that he didnt have to make a decision in times of temptation. We read with him the scripture in Corinthians that says we can not be tempted about that which we can handle. What a great promise. God knows we can overcome it, we just have to make the choice ourselves. Do we want liberty and eternal life or death and captivity? ITS THAT SIMPLE

Luke is doing VERY well. The other sisters talked about forgiving yourself. Luke feels like he is  on "the bad shelf" and that he can't get off. He loves his beer and is really struggling quitting. We saw him on Saturday, at the ward fish fry and he was the happiest I have ever seen him. He was socializing with everybody, looking around to help anybody out. Yes, we had a ward fish fry. So much fish and fried food. Gross. Have you ever heard of hush puppies? Well they are all the rage here.

We saw Liz and told her she wasn't keeping her commitments so we were going to stop seeing her. I felt like I was breaking up with someone. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do! She knows that the Book of Mormon is true, but she won't do anything expect tell us about her health problems. We told her when she was ready to come to church to give us a call. I never want to give up on someone! but there comes a point where you have to move on and spend your time with people who are ready to make God the focus of their life and who are prepared to be baptized, and hopefully in the near future Liz will have a wake up call and change.
We taught a group of young girls at the fish fry. We went on a hike with them and taught them about trails and why trails are important and related that to the commandments. 3 of the girls we were with are the daughters of a less active woman. One of the little girls name is Ashley. She's about 9 years old and she's this spunky black girl that always tries to get us to duggie. I don't know if I spelled that right?? But anyways, she asked to hold me hand as we were walking and then at the end of the night she gave me a big hug and asked "Miss Snow, when can I get baptized?" I almost cried. It was the cutest thing I have ever heard! I told her she needed to talk to her momma about it but the thing she needs to do is come to church, read her scriptures and say her prayers. Little children have such a desire to do what is right. We went over to their house after the fish fry and did a real life version of Lehi's vision. We got Sister Robinson's fiance who is this ex gang member and drug dealer to help me hold the iron rod and try to get the girls to follow the straight and narrow path. We invited them all to church, Sister Robinson just got surgery so she said she probably wouldn't make it but Derrick would drop off the girls.
Sunday was  huge disappointment when they didn't show up. We are teaching a couple named Josh and Elena. Josh is a former investigator and his wife Elena just got out of jail. They both have a sketchy past and are trying to change there lives. We taught them on Wednesday and saw them at the fish try on Saturday!! Elena told us she had read up to 1 nephi 5!!
I love you all so much! I know that the only way to be happy is when we follow the commandments of God and when we help other people. I know that putting our faith in God and his timing and aligning our will towards His is essential!  I am grateful for the gospel that continues to change me every single day.
Oh! funny story, kind of... I accidentally rebuked President Baker....he called us during personal study a couple mornings ago and I thought I pressed ignore as it was ringing. I looked at Sister Hymas and made an ugly face (of course) and said "this is sacred time. We don't answer the phone " all sarcastically and stupid and then I hear super loud on speaker "  I know this is sacred time but this was the only time I could call you..." hahhahaha I am so dumb.

Hope everyone has an amazing week!! I love you all!
Choose happy, choose Christ :)
sister snow

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