Monday, December 2, 2013

The Trojans are True

The Trojans are true!

Hey Ya'll!!!
Oh my goodness, Thanksgiving was the craziest day.  We ate dinner with an Asian lady from Hong Kong. It was actually a traditional dinner so that was unexpected!
Then 30 minutes later we headed over to another dinner appointment and Sister Tarwater and I had a fun game of sneaking bread and food onto each others plates when nobody was looking.  I have never been so full in my life! The mission president told us that Thanksgiving was a non prosolyting day so Sister Tarwater and I spent the time we had taking Christmas pictures. Hahaha It was hilarious.
We had 4 exchanges again this week... We went to Elizabeth City and Nagshead!! I got to see Sister Hymas and Mr. K and the Kellys again! K passed his baptismal interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should be baptized this coming week! Miracles are happening!! I am praying I will be able to make it. He wants me to sing for it? Not happening.
Anyways... on Friday was our first day in the area to work that entire week. Our key indicators so far were at all zeros. That is not something that makes you feel successful for sure.  We taught a wonderful lesson to a less active sister in the ward and her 14 year old daughter who openly expressed that she doesn't want to live in the celestial kingdom because she wants to settle for average. It was one of the saddest things I have ever heard. It broke my heart to see the lack of faith and desire to be with God again. We were bold and told her the only way we can be happy is if we use our free agency for good. 2 nephi 2:27 in the Book of Mormon.
Saturday we had another exchange. While we were walking back to the car, the sister I was with who is a visa "angel" (instead of visa waiter-she's going to AFRICA) who is from LA, California saw a man on his roof putting up Christmas lights. Guess what he was wearing??? A USC sweatshirt. She loves USC as well...…so we yelled up at him and said, "Nice sweater!" We started talking and taught him about the Savior's gospel that has been restored to the earth again! He is now a new investigator!! Go Trojans! That was one of the most exciting parts of this week.
We had another exchange on Sunday. I got to meet the most prepared family ever. They are all planning on being baptized on January 4th. They came to church on Sunday and Sister R was feeling the spirit so strongly, she was crying all at church, and kept baring her testimony to us that she KNOWS this is the right place, that she has been to so many churches and she has never felt at home. She is going through lots of opposition with her father who doesn't want her to be baptized, but she was strong. Honestly it was one of the best lessons I have ever been in. I could feel the spirit guiding my words as I spoke to them about the importance of recognizing and acting on the spirits promptings.
I have SUCH a strong testimony of the importance of living in the spirit. We need to live our lives worthy so we can have the spirit with us. We need to follow the promptings we receive. The Lord will guide us, we need to listen. From the words of Elder Ballard, "It is impossible to lose when we are on the Lord's errand!"
I am learning more and more the Lords vision for me as a missionary. I got a blessing this past Monday, and it gave me so much strength. I Know that God is real. I also know that Satan is. He wants us to believe that we aren't good enough, that we aren't worthy, that we cannot be the people we have set goals to become. But those are LIES. I have made it a goal (again...repentance is REAL) to ELIMINATE NEGATIVE TALK. We all need to stop letting Satan lie to us. I chose to follow Christ, and I know that will bring me the continued peace and happiness I feel throughout the rest of my life. I also know that when we are focusing on how much we "aren't good enough" we are thinking too much of ourselves. Whenever you are feeling down, sorry for yourself, not good enough, you are thinking to much of yourself. My motto is from president Gordon B Hinkley... "forget yourself and go to work!"
I know this gospel is true, real and powerful!  With Christ, darkness will not succeed. We have the power to choose every day. Chose to be happy. Choose to be diligent. Choose Christ.
Sister Snow
ps:  like my bolded words? getting artsyy

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