Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello y'all!!
I have like zero time to email today... i am sorry this will be pretty short.
This week has been hectic. We went on 4 exchanges this week, 2 were back to back. Sister Tarwater and I barely even see each other. It has been crazy seeing other sisters areas and how the work is going for them. I also am learning a lot about relying on the spirit and trusting words to be put into my mouth as i listed to problems people have.
Great Bridge is amazing. I love the ward so much. My bishop is very different from the Nagshead bishop, and the ward mission leader actually meets with us here so that's sooo great!
let me just run you briefly through my week:
Monday-preparation day. Left after teaching a less active to go to meet sisters for an exchange. I was so scared. I was praying the whole way there.
Tuesday- exchange in Kempsville.. ISHEL BRIMHALL I WAS IN YOUR WARD BOUNDARIES!!!! crazy.
Wednesday-  spent the whole day contacting potential investigators and getting rejected! yay!!! sometimes missionary work is like a treasure hunt looking for the prepared. also met this crazy less active guy that was super funny. I wish I could explain that better....
Thursday- exchange with the Hermanas. I went with a Hermana in her area and attempted to be a Hermana for the day. The gift of tongues is REAL. That's all I'm sayin. Found some new investigators by following the spirit!! It is amazing to me STILL how Heavenly Father really will lead us to people.
Also we saw this crazy miracle...we literally got hunted down on the streets of Norfolk on Thursday by this crazy black guy that told us he is ready to go to church and he will be waiting for a ride to pick him up Sunday at 1.... then he gave us a referral to this girl who already has a Book of Mormon and a gospel principles book! what?
Friday-weekly planning
Saturday-  was  an exchange...found new investigator named Solomon... he opened the door dressed very immodestly it was extremely awkie. 
Also called the cops that day. I'll tell you when I'm home :) also I felt prompted to go visit a less active who  hasn't ever come to church...we were super bold to her and commited her like 40 times to come to church.
Sunday- another exchange.... taught Solomon!! It was amazing!! He totes felt the spirit!! alssoooo Sister W came to church!!!!! and Amanda our 9 year old investigator!!!! first time someone has come to church in months here. Work is picking up.

Going on a mission was the best decision of my life. I am so grateful I am where I am. I am grateful for my amazing family and friends who are a constant support to me. I am working hard family!!
I know this church is true!!! I love you all. Sorry this email is so rushed.
love sister snow

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