Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Transfers-watch out Great Bridge, VA here I come. Week 43

Hey Y'all!!
This week has really been a blur. We had a lot of bailed appointments and lots of flaky people who we thought had potential but ended up dropping. The usual. We had been dropped by Luke last week.. but we got to see him on Friday AND he came to church!! Woohooo.
One amazing thing happened this week.... seriously it was one of those stories you hear return missionaries tell people about the people they taught on "the mish." So K, the kid who I really disliked teaching, the bro, is changing.  I don't mean he's being a nicer person or something like that. He is becoming like Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is literally transforming him before my eyes. K had been majorly struggling with the word of wisdom. He is no alcoholic, but it is really hard for him to not drink when all his friends do and his life revolves around the party scene. He also learned about the law of chastity which he wasn't too found of.  Well.... this weekend was the week where he was going to visit his girlfriend for the weekend. On Thursday we had a really spiritual lesson with him about making sacrifices and about how he feels himself changing. He told us when he first started meeting with us he hated it. Now he actually looks forward to it. He said he feels himself becoming closer to God. This is the whole goal, so of course hearing this was the best thing I could have ever heard in my life!!! music to my ears :) So, I'll try to make this brief and hopefully it will make sense. K left on Friday morning. On Saturday our whole day was not working out. Everyone was cancelling. It was awful. I had this feeling that we should drive by this former investigators house. Of course when we got there she didn't have time to meet with us. So I drove away, and we happened to drive by K's house. We saw his car out front and we were super confused. Then Sister Hymas saw K walk out! Whattt!! So we went on and on with different scenarios that could have happened, like that was his dad wearing his clothes and driving his car.. or that was his neighbor. We tried to shrug it off.. but he would not leave my mind. The thought came.. "what if this is a sign? You need to text K."  So we did. K called us and told us that his girlfriend dumped him and he was home early. He asked if we could meet. Uh oh... so we saw him Saturday night and we were super confused. K came over to Brother Kelly's house and told us that his girlfriend dumped him " because of these meetings, so thanks."
We didn't know what to say at all. Apparently they went out the night before and K stuck to his standards and didn't break the word of wisdom or law of chastity. She told him that he was "too perfect" and he " wasn't the guy she fell in love with." All because he didn't want to break the commandments. He said they got in a huge argument and he drove 6 hours home. I asked Kyle how he felt when he didn't drink. He said he felt good on the inside. Peaceful. He knew God was proud of him. He told us he liked the person he was becoming. We promised him that he would be healed from this. That he would be able to find someone with his same standards.
I got to see first hand how Jesus Christ really changes us. Kyle went from a huge partier to someone who lost the person that meant to most to him because he stood up for his standards. That is conversion. That is love of God. That is why I am here.
I KNOW the gospel of Jesus Christ can cure all of us. The Savior helps me to be better every single day.

Also, transfer calls came. I felt it was happening..... I am leaving the Outer Banks after almost 7 months of living here. I am soooo sad. Sister Hymas is staying, thank goodness-so she can take care of the locals, and she is getting a new companion. I will be serving in Great Bridge, VA with Sister Tarwater. I am also going to be a sister training leader. I am freaking out.

I hope you had an amazing bday momma! and uncle mecham, jilene and jennnnn. Hope your bdays are amazing. I love you all! Thank you for all your love and support!
Sister Snow

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