Monday, November 4, 2013

Too Blessed to be Stressed Week 42ish

This week was amazing!!!! I am still carrying that positivity and self-loving attitude with me that I found last week... it's hard to change 20 years of negative comments and trying to change those into a positive outlook is not something that will change overnight, but I am grateful for the gift of repentance and for the love of the Savior and his patience with me.
Sooooooooo on Tuesday we had the privilege of attending "Sisters Conference." The theme was "Too blessed to be stressed"...... hahhaha. Sister Baker, the mission president's wife, is so cute and sweet and innocent. Her idea for this theme was so cheesy but you couldn't help but smile at the thought of Sister Baker chanting this over the pulpit. I got to see my best friends!! It was such a blessing. I got to see Sister Hurley and Sister Caldwell and Sister Wylie. Best Day Ever. I cannot wait for y'all to meet them someday. They have changed my life entirely. Annnnyways, got sidetracked. Sorry I do that a lot. We got instructed by Sister Baker, the Assistants to the President, the 1st Counselor in the mission presidency's wife, and sister Wylie, and President Baker. President Baker took an interesting approach to "de-stress" the sisters. He literally started doing stand up comedy over to pulpit. Funniest thing of my life. I don't have time to go into detail but remind me to tell you some of the jokes.... Aunt Jilene wrote me a couple weeks ago that we are sent to our missions because of the president... I 100% believe that. President Baker has changed my life. At the end of the conference we had the opportunity to have a testimony meeting. I felt SO prompted to get up and share what my experience was last week. I walked up to the pulpit and took a long look at all the sister missionaries in the chapel and I just lost it. The spirit was so strong. I felt like I was in the presence of angels. I get so excited about the gospel, and sharing my testimony, even though I do it 100 times a day, it always means the world to me. It is the most important thing in the world to me, the knowledge that I have worked so hard to have, so sharing it in front of such amazing dedicated missionaries was a privilege. It was one of the strongest spirits I have felt in a good couple of days!

The ward had a trunk or treat on Wednesday, Sister Hymas and I switched name tags for our costume. Living on the edgeeee.

We taught Kyle about tithing afterwards. If any of you get a chance to watch the district 2.. please go watch the segment where the two elders Elder Moreno and Elder Christianson teach Germain the law of chastity and Germain thinks he's not aloud to talk to girls.... well Sister Hymas and I had this experience. Hahahahaha Kyle thought that he wasn't aloud to even flirt with his girlfriend. Epic Fail. I couldn't help  but laugh. I'm still laughing about it.
We taught C this week (the one who said God told her the BOM ((Book of Mormon)) wasn't true) It was a miracle lesson.... The spirit totally took over and she said that she knows that if she really reads the book she will know that it is true. We talked a lot about sacrifices and having an open heart and real intent. Cleared up a lot of interesting concerns with her. I wish I had more time to go into detail, but it was an amazing lesson. It is truly amazing to see how reading from the Book of Mormon softens the hearts of the prepared. The Book of Mormon is so true.

Halloween we were supposed to be in doors by 6:15, so we went to the Farrenkopfs and wanted to pass out candy but nobody came. :( Then we went home and studied.... wooooo!)

The Assistants to the president pulled me and Sis Hymas aside at the end of the sisters conference and asked to look at my planner...They said president told them that my planner was the perfect example. What?!? So apparently they told our zone leaders and the zone leaders called us and asked us to give a training at zone meeting about how to plan. We have been seeing MIRACLE every single day since we have made it our goal to plan effectively and efficiently every night. Literally miracles every day. It has been amazing when you look back at things that happen and can truly see the hand of God in the little details of the day.
Recently one of the member's sons came home from a mission and he had been texting and calling us trying to come out with us and teach. So we had planned to go tracting (door knocking.... Ya!!) for one hour and a half before dinner and bring him a long. We felt very impressed to go see  Miss S, A's mom, a former investigator whom we made cry and run out of the room a good 2 months ago. Hahaha so we walked up to the house and there she and her husband were. Almost waiting for us. At first S was very standoffish, but as we began testifying the spirit touched them both and we ended up having an hour long lesson. So like I said earlier, I have the privilege of baring my testimony all the time. Sometimes, when the spirit is so strong, I will get emotional. Well as we were talking, I had the impression that S was really struggling with forgiving herself, and loving herself. I looked at S in the eye, and told her simply that God loves her. As the words came out, I started crying. I told her that we are so hard on ourselves and look at how many times we have fallen instead of how many times we get back up. She was crying and it was such a sweet moment. We set up a return appointment and her husband who usually ignores us promised that he would read and pray about the Book of Mormon! MIRACLE!!!!
Saturday was our real tracting day. We set high goals for the day and put our faith to the test. Faith requires belief and ACTION. We ended up finding a whole bunch of new investigators which really never happens here. We met a man named T. We knocked on the trailer door with tape used instead of a window... we hear "WHOISIT?" in this super deep voice. Sister Hymas was terrified. Luckily this was the normal response in Norfolk, so I felt at home. I said, "The missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" in my high pitched girly voice. I'm sure he was confused. We heard these gunshots inside. It took us a second to realize he was playing COD. He opened the door with the video game still blasting and he was playing while we started to talk to him... so weird. He finally turned the game off and invited us in, but then we had to turn him down because there wasn't a third female present. That's always awk to explain. He was very interested in the Book of Mormon! Fingers crossed for Mr. T. We also met another black lady, her name was Chelsea. I met the African American, old, rounder version of myself. That was exciting. As we were walking down the street we saw a short little black man walking towards us. We make it a goal to talk to EVERYONE, so as he approached we could tell he wasn't all there... but we talked to him anyways. He's about 4 ft tall, was wearing a beanie with the top pointed up, and his pants were wayyyy up past his belly button. Higher than I even wear my pants! Hahaha he looked like one of the 7 dwarfs. his voice sounded like the monster in Monsters Inc. That is in charge of the paperwork and she always says" Wasouskie."  His eyes were also bloodshot. Kinda scary.  Sister Hymas said we just met Radio. I've never seen that movie. But it was pretty hilarious. We invited him to church. He didn't come:(

Sunday we miraculously met our goal for member present lessons, we had no idea how it was going to work, but God took care of us and provided us with opportunities to teach! We taught a spanish man named C for the Spanish elders and I made a fool of myself trying to speak spanish and read in spanish.
We were walking down the street before dinner time and we knocked on this one door that had a big 2 on it. We were hoping it was the door of a potential investigator the spanish elders found for us, so Sister Hymas suggested we try it. She is so inspired, because this is how we met R. HE IS GOLDEN!!  Everything he said my jaw dropped. He was touched by the Book of Mormon and said he is truly searching for truth. It was a miracle that we found him. He is going to meet us at the church one Wednesday for a lesson. He said he promised he would read the Book of Mormon and that he knew that this was the only way he would be able to find truth. Whaaaat!
Miracles everywhere.
Transfer calls are next Sunday! I am kinda feeling like I'm leaving.... I really don't want to leave my new family here in the OBX.  I also don't want to leave Sister Hymas. But on the other hand I am ready for a change. We will see!
I love you all, thank you for the support and love I feel from you daily. I couldn't do this without you and without the help of our Savior!!!
Choose Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Snow
Halloween fun

Sunset on OBX

Uncle Si

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