Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Dearest love ones....
I can not put into words how hard it was for me to push end on that ipad on wednesday. I am so lucky to have such crazy loving and supportive family. christmas was one of the best Christmas's I have ever had. I was VERY aware of the real meaning of christmas.
christmas Eve and Christmas were filled with singing christmas songs and being with the people I love. We spent Christmas Eve at a nonmembers home and saw some hearts being softened because of the spirit of Christmas. We also went to a senior missionary couples home and Christmas caroled and had a white elephant and talent show. We had a totes wicked time.
Christmas we did our usual studies, read about the savior and his birth, sang lots of Christmas hymns and read a lot of scriptures. I will never forget the strong sense of peace that overcame me. Even though i was across the country, away from my family, i felt at home. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost, our comforter for the feelings of peace and love and warmth I had this Christmas! There are no words to describe the power of peace that comes from the Savior and his messanger, the Holy Ghost. These feelings will be a memory I will reflect on for the rest of my life, that's for sure.
We spent a lot of our time at the Schlossers home, one of my favorite families here. They are so fun. They made us feel like family for sure :) shout out to the SCHLOSSER FAMILY!!
I am too blessed!!
Christmas night I came down with a horrible sickness. It was sooo bad, I was up all night coughing up a lung it felt like. I had to learn a hard lesson on humility this week, I am too prideful to say I am sick, so I kept working and got even more sick. Sister Tarwater helped me to recognize the importance of rest when I'm sick..haven't really learned that still. My mentality is I can rest when I'm home! I only have 6 months left out here!!  Scary.... but multiple missionaries came up and told me I am not being effective, so I took the advice and grudgingly rested. I got better too. Who woulda knowwwwn?!?! Despite these trials, we found 3 new investigators this week, which is a miracle because we had hardly any days to procelyte due to Christmas Eve, Christmas, and my infirmities. I am so excited for the new year. New investigators, added burst of excitement.. this is going to be a great year.
I am so grateful for my Savior. My testimony of Him, our Father in Heaven and this gospel grows immensely every single day. I know that He loves me and is aware of ALL of us. He made me feel at home and happy on Christmas :)
The highlight of this week was definately the Love and peace I felt from the spirit this Christmas week. I hope all of us had these experiences that we reflected on the true reason for the season.
OH! some exciting news! We have an investigator set for baptism!!! Atlantis who is afraid of water! She saw her younger sister get baptized and now she is ready to take this important step. Sister T has been working with this family for 8 months and finally we are seeing the fruits.  Her date is Feb 5, please pray for her! :)
 I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a happy New Year. Thank you everyone for all the packages, letters and cards. You have no idea how much they meant to me. I promise I will make you all proud and give the Lord my all this next year. I'll see you all THIS year!! CRAZYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
Sister Snow
ps i have so many pictures to send, but my camera died :( sorry! next week!


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