Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Planning Nightmare... fun pics too

Hey Y'all!
Like my email title? Trying to keep it interesting here. tehe
Okay so this week was a party. At least on New Years Eve. We had to stop proselyting at 5, so we spent the hours we did have working as HARD as we could to find the elite. We were pushing 4:45 and one of our "investigators" came to mind that we could stop by, who NEVER answers the door and was at the brink of being dropped. We knocked on his door and he actually answered! Thank you Holy Ghost!! So he ended up telling us that his dad has been in the hospital and he was sorry he had never been home. Poor Man. We testified that the Book of Mormon would bring more peace into his life.  I don't know what I said to him but he looked over at Sister T and said, "This one is serious! No messing with her, shes determined." Yolo. We have an apt with him this Tuesday so fingers crossed!
New Years Eve we went out to a Chinese restaurant and then went over to the Schlossers. It was fun, we bought dino hats and mustaches and blower things. Sister Tarwater and I went home and after we finished planning we called like everyone in the mission, banged on pots and pans, blew in our little noise makers, and yelled happy new years for about an hour. We thought we were so funny. hahahha It was one of my favorite memories on my mission so far. You gota make the most of having to be in bed at 10:30 on New Years Eve! Confession: We did set our alarm for 11:55 but we woke up to our alarm at 5:45 the next morning... we slept through it :( we even had Martinellis and glasses lined up!!! God is funny how he wants us to be exactly obedient.....
The rest of this week was pretty slow as to finding new investigators. We had two exchanges we went on. It was very exhausting. There are some problem companionships this transfer we are working with. It is going to be a very interesting transfer for sure. But- we did have a whole bunch of lessons this week!!!!!!!! It was a miracle-The most lessons this area has had in a very long time. My impression when I first got here is coming to light-Great Bridge is going to explode with people to teach!!! One investigator couple we are working with apparently had a very interesting lesson with sister Tarwater and a sister she was exchanging with. This couple, the S's have been on the radar for the ward and missionaries all year and we are finally teaching them. They are taking the lessons more for academics because their 18 yr old daughter joined early in 2013.Keep them in your prayers. we see a lot of potential with them.
We taught one lesson that was the worst 1 of my life. Literally. We taught them the plan of salvation and everything we said they argued with, from Adam and Eve, to God having a body, to the priesthood. And I mean ARGUE. They were so contentious. I was literally shaking in my rain boots when I told them they needed to act on faith and open their hearts. We couldn't get out of the house. We testified powerfully and then they even started arguing with THAT. We pretty much ran out of there. Afterwards I was still shaken up. This was my first real encounter with the dreaded southern bible bashers. Afterwards I said one of the most sincere prayers I have ever said in my life. When situations arise that can cause doubts, don't ponder on them and let Satan fan these flames. Go to the the source of truth. After I knelt down and pleaded with my Father to bring me comfort. I felt a little better, but I was still shaken up. I wanted a strong spiritual experience to make all the doubts go away. I continued to pray for strength the rest of the week, and I even fasted for the strength to shake off that lesson. It really did shake me up. On Sunday I had such an amazing experience during sacrament. We were singing "I stand all amazed," one of my favorite hymns and suddenly I couldn't even speak. I felt that usual warmth I feel start to grow. I couldn't even sing. I just started crying. The words came to mind, I am here for you, you know this already. You know this is true. Instantly all  my fears, doubts, and concerns were washed away. As I took the sacrament this week, I really did feel like I got to start over.
As for the weekly planning nightmare... on Tuesday after our conference call with all the mission leadership president baker asked us to stay on the line after. He began to ask us to come over to his house and do weekly planning in front of him. WHAT??. Sketch. Of course we said yes... so on Wednesday before our exchange we drove over to President and Sister Baker's house and weekly planned while they watched us and took notes and then made copies of our planners... then they fed us lunch so that was a bonus!
I am not sure if my email this week is making any sense as usual. I am probs just rambling on, but this week my testimony has grown so much. You receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. This was a perfect example of this scripture! Something else I realized this week was how scary and powerful Satan is. I thought that I had a super strong, unshakable testimony, but no matter where you are in life, Satan can still try and knock you down. It's okay to ask Heavenly Father for answers. He will not make us feel dumb for doing so! (James 1:5) I KNOW now more than ever that this is the one true church. I know now more that ever that Jesus Christ is literally there for us every step of the way. He lives. I know that the Book of Mormon is SO true and so powerful.
I love you all so much!!!! May we all commit ourselves more to the Savior and sharing His gospel this year :)
sister snow

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