Monday, January 27, 2014

Can't keep me down

hey yall.
This week literally was like a present wrapped from satan. kidding that was a little bit dramatic.... let me just explain to you my week:
Monday and Tuesday were some of the best days of this transfer! i got to see my home :) i am grateful to have the chance to go on exchanges down in nagshead. it really is such a tender mercy from the Lord. Sister Hymas and i were companions for the day and we killed it! recieving all this revelation, teaching in unity, feeling the spirit strongly-it was the best. I got to see Kyle and Patrick! Kyle is doing soooo well. I am so proud of both of them!!! they are thinking of going to SVU. It really has been the most amazing blessing to see the gospel of Jesus Christ literally change peoples lives. That is what this gospel is all about. how lucky are we to have the chance to be changed everyday??! and as a missionary to have a front row seat to witness these miracles take place everysingle day?!?!?
We found a new investigator on tuesday. this was a new one:teaching the restoration and reciting the first visio, only to get interrupted by this lady spitting tobacco into the trash can while we are in mid sentance. She stilll kept perfect eye contact. that is talent.
We left nagshead and drove to elizabeth city o do exchanges with the hermanas. this was an adventure. We knock on a beaten up door and this nice mexican lady lets us in and just starts talking and talking and talking. It was so fun to kind of understand them! I even recieved some promptings to say el libo de mormon. whats upppp. hahaha it actually was probably the funniest thing to see. i always try to speak spanish and i cant...
Anyways..while we were talking to Rosa and Ceasar...i looked out the window and it was SNOWING!!!! WHATTT!!!!! it was AMAZING!!! president wanted all of us back inside and no more driving because people in virginia dont know how to drive in the snow.
So we got in a 830, planned, and then played in the snow. i am so mad i forgot my camera.. i have lots of pictures!
the next day we still werent allowed to drive. literally there was like 3 inches of snow and the whole town shut down in elizabeth city. the banks even closed! hermana bennet and i walked around town all day, looking for hispanics to talk to. It was sooo cold... and i was not prepared for this weather. the day before is was 60 degrees out! i didnt even have boots. it was quite an interesting day!
we luckily got permission from president baker to drive home because we had appoinments for that night. So as we got in the car, we decided to stop somewhere for dinner. We didnt find anything so we decided to go straight home before the roads go even MORE icey. lesson #1) ignore the natural man! if you are hungry.. wait  until you get home
So we are stopped at a red light, literally 2 feet from being out of elizabeth city, and i was looking through the glove compartment for food.(once again... the natural man took over.)
 all of a sudden... BOOM. my body gets jolted and i am in shock. What the? what just happened? Sister tartwater looks at me so calmly of course and says "we just got in an accident." there is such a hilarious difference between us two. She is always so calm and collected and im in the passanger seat in shock because we just got hit. This guy comes out and tries to get away with  it because there was no dent. actually there wasa huuuuuge crack along the back of the car. The cops came, tow truck for his car, ect. We decided to stay in elizabeth city for the night so we didnt have to drive at night.
poor president baker... he just gave us permission to leave and then we get rearended.
we got permission to leave again in the morning, and so we got home safe and sound in time for our appointment with biker dude who came to church on sunday! he didnt show... it was a blessing because i was feeling extra tired and dizzy. I was so confused because i thought i got a pretty good nights sleep.... Sister Baker told us it was protocall for us to go to urgent care even though the car accidnet was minor.
We get to urgent care and the doctor tells me i have whiplash and a concussion.
Everything made sense to me why i was so out of it. My head throbbed and i didnt even know what was going on.
Doctors orders were to rest. Sister baker made us cancel all of our appointments and go home and sleep. I was SO devastated. This is the worst news you could ever hear. We finally got back to our area and now we are ordered to stay inside. I have such a problem with resting as a missionay. i can rest when im home! sister tarwater took very good care of me and made sure i didnt move around.
Towards the end of thursday night, my right hand started going numb and tingly and it changed color. ( i just had a freak out because i forgot how to spell color... i had to ask the elder sitting next to me! oh GOSH) we had to call the missonary doctor who lives in like iowa and we were almost sent to the hospital. it was scary! I lost strength in my right hand and i couldnt grip anything.
The next day i got sent back to urgent care and they said the weird hand thing is becuase of a spasm in my neck due to the crash.
sister tarwater let us go to 3 teaching appointments this weekend, which probably wasnt the smartest for me to do but i couldnt just sit and watch all our appointments with investigators just cancel!
The funny thing about all of this is how small the car crash was... and i am walking away with a concussion. God definately has a plan for this!
I am feeling a little bit better. We have a busy week this week, too. God has a plan for all of this. There is a reason why i am consussed. Is that a word?
His will and timing is PERFECT. we are the ones who need to align our will with his and repent.
I am learning a tough lesson on humility.
Dont worry momma, i am going to be okay :) i bet that was a weird call from the mission! sorry if that ruined canada!
Love you all! Chose Christ.
Sister snow fall.

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