Monday, February 3, 2014

This week in a lot of ways had worse luck than last week. Satan is trying to keep us down because MIRACLES are coming. I know it.
So as you are aware, last week we were rear ended and the result was that I walked away with a concussion. We were going stir crazy on Tuesday because I was FINALLY feeling better and then we got news that a huge snow storm was coming our way. MORE SNOW!! So we prepared ourselves for the snow, we had to rearrange plans for the night. Once the snow starts to fall President Baker puts a driving and biking ban on all the missionaries. No big deal at all, I would rather walk, but we were told the missionary nurse, doctor, mission presidents wife and mission president that I was not allowed outside in the cold. COME ON! Really God has taught me a lot these past couple weeks lets just say that. Tuesday night the snow started falling and it didn't stop. We had the most snow that chesapeake Virginia has had in 20ish years. We were told Wednesday that this day would be a tracting and service day except for Sister Tarwater and I.
We were still stuck inside. Did I mention last week that sister t has a horrific cold as well?? We are convinced God gave her a cold so I wouldn't feel as useless making us rest.We did go outside for a little to see what the outside world looks like. ALSO.. All of our appts cancelled because people freak out here and the city doesn't have plows! The roads are completely white and icy, no wonder we are banned from cars. Back to thursday, we had an amazing experience. Chris who is a member's boyfriend-doesn't know if he believes in God or Christ, limited religious background-had a complete change of heart. It was the most amazing experience of this week for sure. We started reading from one of my favorite chapters in the book of mormon,  Moroni 7.  Half way through I had the strong impression... ask him if he's prayed about the book of mormon. So I did.. he looked up at us with this huge smile and said  yeah I did. What happened?? He lit up, and told us that this overwhelming feeling came over him. He felt so good inside and he has never felt anything like it so he just started laughing. Hahha, I have never heard that one before! The member that was with us was like "so it was a good feeling yeah??" We invited him to be baptized and he said, "I was planning on it!" He is working towards Feb 15.
     Also Thursday night we had dinner at the Bennions home. He is the 1st counselor to the mission president. We invited Henry-USC guy over for dinner and a lesson and he SHOWED UP! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on ACTING. He is from some place in latin America and he is really struggling with commitments. The Bennions invited him to church beautifully and on Sunday Henry walked into church!! WHAT?!!  Sis T's jaw dropped to the floor and I couldnt stop smiling. It was so amazing!
On Friday we decided that we were healthy enough to do an exchange with some sisters.... I am not allowed to drive still because I have a brain injury, so the sister I am with had to get permission to drive. Sister J was Sister H's companion in the mtc so I already know about her... she is the defintition of a worry wart. She was freaking out driving the whole time because she "didnt want to kill  her sister training leader..." goodness. So we pull out of our parking spot on our way to a lesson, i am backing the car out like a good missionary, I walk back into the car, sit down, and BAM.

  We got rear ended AGAIN.

I rolled my eyes, grabbed our insurance and a pen and paper and did what I do best. The senior missionary in charge of cars didn't believe me when I told him. Two seconds after I called Elder Simmons, President Baker calls and starts with  "Sister Snow-what are you doing out?" I had to explain to him that I was just starting to feel better. I couldn't help but laugh at the unfortunate events that make up my life this past week! ahahah I am still laughing. I had to beg president to let us go to our appointments. Luckily the accident was very minor and I don't remember hitting my head again. My headaches are really really bad but I don't have as foggy of a brain anymore.
Everybody thought we were kidding when we told them what happened. Poor Sister J-her first time driving on her mission and she gets wrecked.

We called Sister T that night and turns out she slipped on black ice and totally destroyed her tailbone and back. Talk about companionship unity.
We are a hot mess this week.

I have had lots of time spent praying and asking the Lord what I can learn from this experience. I know that every experience can work to your good,you've just got to make it positive.  I  had time to grow closer to my Savior. I had more time to rely on the atonement. This has by far been the hardest time of my mission, but I have never been so close to my Father and have never had so  much peace. I know that is possible because of prayer. I know God gives us things for our growth and benefit and we just need to stop worrying about ourselves and all our problems, move from the darkness and chose Christ. Chose the LIGHT.
I came across this quote this week and it gave me so much strength:

"Everything will work out. Put your trust in God and go forward with faith and confidence in the future. He will not abandon you. It is not as bad as you think it is. Everything will work out."-President Hinkley

I love y'all so much! Thank you for all your  love and support. I KNOW that what I am doing is the Lord's work. I know we are all engaged in the most IMPORTANT work we could ever be doing. I know that what I teach and testify to people is true. Heavenly Father is a loving God, Jesus Christ is his son. I know with all my heart the gospel is true and I will defend it for all of eternity! I know the atonement is real. I have felt its power and influence more in this week than ever before. If you ever have doubts, questions or struggles-bring them to Christ. He will give you strength to overcome.
sister snow
ps: transfer calls came.... Sister T and I are staying togethaaa what what! She had been here for 10 months. This is her second to last transfer. She's been in the same zone her whole mission! She was promised in a blessing recently that she would see the fruits of her labors... this transfer is going to be full of miracles!!!  We are so excited!! Everyone else in the mission exploded though!  This is the biggest transfer I have ever seen. Sister H is now a sister training leader in North Carolina! I get to see her at meetings now!! so exciting!!!

Chelsea's double jointed snow angel

looks great!

because she can

1st night with concussion, poor Sister T having to be nurse to Cheslea

1st Snow in North Carolina

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