Monday, February 24, 2014

Two buff angels in a red truck and Fruits of very long labors

This week was one of the most amazing weeks EVER!!!
We were lucky enough to witness 2 baptisms this weekend after almost a year of nothing here in Great Bridge!
Before I start rambling on the baptisms...
This week was a pretty stressful one. We had two exchanges this week, back to back. Usually this isn't too big of a deal... but the first exchange I was in another sisters area, and then halfway through the day we switched and I went back to my area around 4 with no idea what was going on. Let me just explain what happened on that second exchange....
I am so dumb. Really,  it isnt even funny anymore how many unfortunate events take place in my days. So we were rushing to our last apt with C before he was getting baptized in 2 days. We just got out of a "lesson".. the member decided to teach and go into deep doctrine and cut me off everytime I tried to bring it back to the doctrine.  It was crazy.   Anywho... so I missed a turn and decided to flip a u turn in the middle of the street. In Chesapeake, the roads don't have curbs. Instead... there are HUGE trenches on the sides of the roads to prevent flooding. It is crazy. This place was built on swamp grounds so it is very floody and muddy. I actually didn't even know this until wednesday when I got our car BURRIED in someones yard.  I'm not even exagerating here. The tires had sunk into the mud (which looked like grass. It was like quick sand or something!) I was freaking out and Sister Cahoon who was with me was just laughing. We called a member and she rallied up her neighbor and they came and pushed us. We almost got out... but at the last bit of giving it all we could.. the car wouldn't budge. I am sitting in the car pushing the exceleration, praying sooo hard, the other three are pushing against the front of the car praying and all of a sudden, just when we were about to give up... two huge buff guys in a red truck pull up, run to the car, push us out, and then leave. Two angels in a red truck.  They came and went so quickly. We were in tears at the miracle that took place. I am never going to try and flip a u turn in a neighborhood again.
as we taught C I used getting stuck in the mud as an analagy for what happens when we don't obey the commandments. So that was a bonus. The next day I learned more about the repentance process as I repaired all the damage I had caused. The tire tracks in the peoples lawn...delivered them brownies with a pass a long card and an invitation to a musical devo we are putting on, on march 9th. Yes, I am singing. Wish us luck... they wouldn't answer the door... but I know they will be baptized someday!  hahha
We had some really strong spirit led lessons this week. We prayed about certain things we should teach the people we were visiting this week... and a random talk came to mind. As we began to share it.. tears came to this individuals eyes... she looked at us and said " was this for me?" we explained to her how we always pray for what to teach and it's not the message for the day. She said "I know it's from God. He knows I need this."
What a wonderful experience it was to witness God's love and awareness for His children, and to be able to be a worthy instrument in his hands. No better feeling!
Friday was C's BAPTISM!!! his family came after he had been getting some opposition. Chris brought his friend.. and after the baptism we and the elders were talking to S. We got to get his info, and C looked at his friend and said "the Book of Mormon will change your life. It changed mine." THIS GUY DIDN'T EVEN BELIEVE IN GOD!! NOW HE'S TESTIFYING OF THE BOOK OF MORMON TO HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C kept saying how this was the longest week of his life and he just wanted it to be friday already. He is so converted!! Then on Sunday, he brought S to church, and his  mom came as well. She was running a little late, but she made it just in time for his confirmation. After sacrament meeting was over, we gave his mom a book of mormon and C grabbed it from her and looked up Alma 32, doggy tailed it, and said "y'all gave me this chapter to read, and mom, you need to read this one." She looked at him and said she has never seen him so happy and that she is so proud of him.  It is true... I have never seen such a drastic change in someone so quickly! his eyes are literally brighter! it is amazing.
Also on Sunday Miss A got baptized. HALLELUJAH!!! afteryears of missionary efforts, and 10 months of sis T working with that family.. and much drama this week.... she was baptized. Miss A... with a fear of water... faced her fears. how wonderful is that!?!??! We were all SO HAPPY! My camera died but even President Baker was praising the lord after this baptism took place. I will send the picture of his text next week. its hilar.
Also at church on Sunday, President and Sister Baker decided to come to church at our ward. The 1st counselor to the mission president came up to president as we were talking with him and says "you have two of the best missionaries in this mission right here. " And president looks at him and says I am very aware of that. WHAT. Then Sister Baker comes up to us after relief society and says how we are doing such an amazing job and how we are the reason why so many people have been coming to church. WHAT??! people were weirdly complimentary to us yesterday. Probably because they could see how stressed we were with A's baptism.
Love you all so much!  Thanks for all your support and love! this week really was such an incredible week full of many miracles and testimony builders. I am so happy and SO lucky to be a missionary. It has given me the most joy and satisfaction ever. I love our savior Jesus Christ and I know he LIVES!! be happy!!!
Sister Snow

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