Monday, March 3, 2014

His sheep hear His Voice

Another week gone! Time is so weird. I wont even try and understand it.
We went on 2 exchanges this week, and had a leadership meeting. Weeks like this always fly by.
We had a lesson with one of our investigators, K who is seriously SO prepared. She is the cutest person ever. I just love this girl. She has an adorable 3 year old and her husband is a very less active member. She wants to take the lead with her family and she knows the gospel will improve their relationships. On Sunday she told us that she was done making excuses for not joining the church. On our lesson on Tuesday, she told us that she knows this is true. She was having a hard time understanding/recognizing her answer to her prayer. So many of us think that answers to prayer come in big manifestations, but this is not always the case. With Krystal for example, she had little confirmations one day, and a little more the next day. She would describe it as, someone would say something in church that rang true and she would feel "the warm tingles in her heart." Or someone quotes the song "Families can be together forever" or we read her a scripture from the book of mormon. When we explained to her that those were answers to her prayer… the lights came on. From then on, it clicked. All her concerns were washed away and this brightness came to her eyes. I felt the Spirit prompt me to invite her to be baptized.... But on March 15. In like 2 WEEKS. I don't know why but when God tells you to do something... you do it. She agreed so excitedly (is that a word?) and bore her TESTIMONY to us. What is going on!??!?! She is so elect.
Missionary leadership council was this week. We have it every month, where the zone leaders and sister training leaders meet up with President and Sister Baker and the assistants to the president. We had special training on the gift of the holy Ghost. I was definitely enlightened as my understanding and appreciation for this miraculous gift was strengthened. So many people here in the South have "already done been baptized." And what was so strongly brought to my attention was that they definitely have not been given the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. That is what sets us apart from all other churches/religions. The way we do baptism and that we receive the gift of the holy ghost. This is SO vital. The only way we can receive these 2 sacred ordinances is through the priesthood power that has been restored on the earth again through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that this is SO true, as I have taught this to individuals this week I have felt the spirit bare witness to myself and also to others.
After MLC we had another exchange. Before this exchange we went to sonic so sister T could get a BEV and the lady that came out looked at me and jumped. Uhhhhh. I have Never gotten that reaction before. She kept staring at me. Finally she said, "Do I know you from somewhere? You look so familiar...." People say this to me a lot out here… but this one was so unique. She was seriously shocked and speechless to have seen me. I told her I'm not even from here and gave her a passalong card and told her about the pre-earth life and we gave her the church address for the nearest one and our number and the missionaries in the areas number. She said she would call. She said she is very interested in learning and also that she had goosebumps every time she looked at me.  It was a very interesting experience.  No call yet... but she will :)
This exchange I was in another area for a day, and I got to help clean up throw up out of one of their investigator's new Lexus, then teach them about baptism. I always love coming into other missionaries areas and meeting the people they teach and feeling the love heavenly Father has for all of his children, regardless of being a member, missionary, or nonmember!
Remember C's friend who we set up a time to teach this week? Well, he bailed :( he got antied by his mother. But it's okay because we know where he works. Kidding, thats creepy. Sadly we already stopped by once to visit him at work and see what was going on. He will come around!
C is doing SO great. He is loving having the holy ghost and has been recognizing the big difference it has made in his life. I just LOVE watching the gospel change peoples lives. Oh, it is fabulous.
Little Miss A is also doing great. Her whole family was so calm and peaceful when we were over on Friday. It was a big change from the normal scene there :)
On Friday night we went out to dinner with one of my favorite couples... the Picones. Our waiter was super friendly, gave us free cupcakes (which was too bad because we aren't eating sugar btw....) and he was taking FOREVER to give us our check. SO we made the most of it.
Gave him a passalong card, asked him if he's ever heard of the church, talked about his background, found out he lives here, set up an appointment to teach him on Sunday. It was awesome. He thought the Picones were our parents. It was hilar. We taught an awesome lesson on Sunday at the Picones, and Mr. I  definitely felt the spirit. He has only prayed once in his life, he doesn't believe in God, and he is interested in learning about religion. When he heard the first vision he looked so shocked and impressed... turns out the first thing he said was "I'm impressed you memorized that." Hahhaha never gotten that one before.
Also when we taught him about the apostasy he asked if he was in a state of apostasy. This man really had some great questions and actually listened to the lesson. We have high hopes for our waiter!
We found a couple new investigators this week just by talking with everyone, it is SO nice when the weather is nice, because people actually are outside. Fingers cross that the snow doesn't get to bad tonight!!
This Sunday is our event: Come Follow Me: an invitation to come unto Christ
A music devotional. We have worked sssssssssssooooooooooooo hard getting this thing going. The ward is super pumped for it. It should be brilliant!
Love you all so much. This week my testimony of the Holy Ghost has increased so much. I know that it is SO real. I know that through the spirit we can feel a taste of the joy that is to come in the eternities. I know that through the spirit our questions can be answered, and we can know Gods will for us. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Later Day saints is true. I know that God really is our loving heavenly father.
I also know that I am so blessed to be able to have such amazing family and friends. Thanks for all y'all do. Keep being good examples and being missionaries!!!!!
Have a blessed week!
Sister Snow

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