Monday, March 17, 2014

The Ups Trumps!

Hey Y'all!
I honestly cannot believe that another week has flown by. These last couple of months have gone way to quickly. Yesterday was transfer calls, sister Tarwater and I are staying together for another transfer! This is her last transfer before she goes home... we are going to make it the BEST. We were so excited to be together for this last transfer. We are just too good of friends to be separated! :)
Monday-Tuesday we had our last exchange for the transfer down in good Ol' nags head! It was amazing to see family. Kyle ( a recent convert from Nagshead) told his mom that I would be back down, and she got SO excited and invited us over for dinner with the sisters. It was so kind. She has a book of mormon and she agreed to a return appointment!! MIRACLES!!! Kyle is doing SO awesome. He is a home teacher and he is passing and blessing the sacrament on sundays. He is also planning his temple trip next year in salt lake city with me and sister hymas! He looks so happy. The gospel really has changed him so much.
Monday night we also saw the Farrenkopfs. They haven't been coming to church in a while. When I walked in the door brother Farrenkopf jumped in his seat. It was so nice to be able to see them. We had some really amazing opportunities on tuesday to talk with everyone, and we saw many miracles. God is amazing. He really does keep his promises. One of the sisters I was with is brand new. She reminded me so much of myself... absolutely terrified. While we were walking down the road in Manteo, NC, the other sister we were with stopped to talk to some hispanics (she's an hermana) and I gave the new sister a little pep talk. Read D&C100 with her-the scripture that motivated me to talk with everyone-open your mouth..."and you will not be confounded before men."  The next person we saw, she was going to test it out. So we walked past a couple getting into their car.... I slowed down and the sweet sister mustered up all the courage she had and said hello. From then it was so natural. She did amazing. The girl she talked to accepted a return appointment... and the sisters called us a couple days ago and told me she has a baptismal date!! GOD IS SO KIND!!!! All it took was that one step of faith... to open her mouth... and the miracle happened.
It was definitely a highlight of the week.
This week I got to meet a woman with a goatee who yelled at us because she was pagan.
We finally got to see K. She is super stressed with school and life, so we had a very spiritual lesson on the importance of doing the little things: read your scriptures, pray, and go to church. Do these three things-and you will keep your testimony strong. K got a blessing also.. and on Saturday she passed her final exam!! yayyyyyy!
We had a rough day on thursday. 2 days before T's scheduled baptism..  We get all these texts from her about her family wanting her to wait until the legal complexities regarding custody is finalized. We had President Baker call T and a couple hours later we get a call from President Baker telling us that the baptism is going to be postponed until we hear back from Salt Lake.
It was rough. T was so upset. We called her and offered the opportunity for her to have a blessing. She accepted. Throughout the day I had to push myself to be understanding, and to accept the will of the Lord. It took a litle bit, but President assured us that she will be baptized, and everything will work out. I learned very quickly and powerfully how important it is to really and truly TRUST in God. He has a plan for all of his children, we just need to humble ourselves and go along with it-his plan is much better than our plan for ourselves.
So as of now... we are still waiting on salt lake. Tori's blessing was the sweetest most powerful blessing I have ever heard. Bro miller, a member of the bishopric did it, and he didn't know anything about T at all. The things that came out of his mouth were spot on. We were all crying and filled with the spirit. The priesthood power is so real.
Sunday and Saturday was stake conference! T came in a dress and carried a notebook with her! She is honestly already LDS. She is so perfect. We have gotten so close with her in these short 3 weeks. C came too!! And his mom wants to take the lessons from missionaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We were invited to the priesthood leadership meeting on saturday evening. It was so uncomfortable. We were the only sisters there for a while until the rest of the sister missionaries in the stake showed up. That was definitely a first and last experience!
After the adult session on saturday... a girl who recently got baptized within the past month (she had to bare her testimony in conference) was standing in the hall. I was finishing up a conversation with some members from the Nagshead ward, and I heard her ask Sister Tarwater, " Are you a SISTER missionary?!??!" so excitedly. I guess she has never seen one before. hahaha we both started talking to her about a mission and poured out hearts out to her about the blessings of serving a mission. I don't even know what we said… but she had tears in her eyes and said, "It's sealed. I'm going on a mission. I know it." She had been praying about it and said she got her answer. She's she can start working on her papers soon! ahhhhh
On the Sunday session, we had the opportunity to watch a broadcast from Salt Lake. L Tom Perry spoke!!(Chelsea's favorite of all time) The messages from the speakers were all very inspiring, and we had a couple investigators there! One was there for the first time.
This week definitely had a lot of ups and downs... but like always.. the ups trumped. 
Love yall so much! keep on smiling and remember who you are!!
sister snow

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