Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Field Trip

That awkward moment when you get a ticket

Transfer day

Transfer can

First skirt officially destroyed! Success for a hard working missionary.

This week was very interesting....
Monday was a very sad day when we dropped off one of my best friends at the mission home.... bye bye Sister Wylie :( We had her companion Sister N with us. We saw Miss T on Monday night and T was all fired up because she wanted to be baptized NOW. She was sick of waiting for these blessings and didn't want her soon to be ex controlling her life. We were prompted to read from the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi 11, one of my FAVORITE chapters- when Christ himself appears to the people of Nephi in the Americas!!- and before we started we promised her that as she read she would receive revelation as to what she needs to do. As we were reading she said, "We need to call president Baker. I am getting baptized asap." So that night we called President Baker. He needed to talk to T and pray about it..... but the next day he called and authorized her baptism!!!!!!!!!!!! T IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON MARCH 29!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is SO excited!!! She really has CHANGED my life. Her faith in this gospel is inspirational. She knows there could be complications with this decision regarding custody of her son... but she knows God will bless her. amazing woman.
On Tuesday we dropped off Sister Tarwater at the hospital. She had a surgery. I felt like a worried mother this whole week away from her! She was recovering at a member's home down in north Carolina for the rest of the week. It was a very tough week. Sister N and I left the hospital around 9:30am after being there since 5 AM and rushed to our appt with K. She is still doing awesome. She passed her finals and now is applying for jobs. She is still planning on April 19 for the baptism!  We met her husband who is a very inactive member. THEY BOTH came to church on Sunday!!!
Tuesday and Wednesday we were in Great Bridge working... we had some amazing lessons and wonderful spiritual experiences. The investigators we taught are really progressing well. Then we drove to Portsmouth (which is ghetto of all ghetto....just like my first area!!! <3), where I was until Sunday. It is very hard to take care of an area when you are not there.... lots of phone calls and prayers. Thursday was transfer day so another sister, Sister S joined us. While they weekly planned, I took some sisters out who were waiting for the transfer van and we worked the "skreets awlll" day, talking with everyone and having hilarious encounters. Too many to tell!! Met a one legged man who does roofing and construction and skis. Amazing.
Sunday afternoon, Sister Tarwater came back up. She is doing okay. The surgery was pretty major but she is amazing, she is still working hard and being so humble. She is my hero.
Last night we got a call from President Baker saying he has a special assignment for us... A reporter for the newspaper the Virginia Pilot is coming to the mission home, and President Baker selected me and Sister Tarwater to be interviewed! Scary!! We have a conference call with SALT LAKE a couple of hours before and then we will be with the reporter for 90 minutes. Scary stuff. I'll probably embarrass the whole church by saying something stupid or tripping over something... but hey! It will be fun. The interview is next Tuesday.
Thank you everyone for all of your love. I have been so privileged to serve a mission. Every single day my testimony is strengthened, and I feel my commitment to the Savior and his work double, "erryday."
I KNOW that this is His gospel, and I know that we are all good enough to do his work! No matter where you have gone, what you have done, who you are.... you are good enough for his love.
have an amazing week! Keep smiling
Sister Snow

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