Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One year mark!!

I can not believe that I am about to be celebrating my one year mark as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It has by far been the best, most rewarding, and most challenging year of my entire life. I want to keep being a missionary for eber!
I have so many things to tell y'all and so little time! This week was filled with miracles. We have been pushing along here in Great Bridge for a while now, seeing a few fruits of our labor. But this week the fruits were fully ripe and feel into our laps!
We started this week to a not so exciting lesson where more people tried to bible bash us. This time was different... I was so ready to BOLDY proclaim the truth, because I had no doubts. These two guys we are teaching both go to a bible college and they wanted to know what we as Mormons believe. One refuses to read the Book of Mormon because he believes it's evil, the other is just reading it because he secretly has felt the spirit  but doesn't want his friend to know. So we read 3 Nephi 11 with them, one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. After we finished reading, the spirit was strong. "J" said that there definitely is truth to this book. They both sat in silence as the spirit was hitting them. Then all of a sudden BAM they tried to fight it and started bringing up all these weird concerns and then "d" looks at us all fiercely and says straight up..." The Book of Mormon is a lie."
I can not express the feelings that came over me. I had so much fire built up inside of me. That book is my LIFE, and it was the most heartbreaking, disappointing thing to hear and see someone jump to those conclusions with out even reading it. WE testified of it and said that we were disappointed in him for not taking the chance to come to a conclusion on his own and to take a formed opinion from an outside source other than God.
I really felt like a mother protecting my child or something…

Wednesday -Thursday we had an exchange with sisters who serve in a young single adult branch. Then when we got back together we had an appointment with the S's. We felt prompted to focus on the temple as we taught the plan of salvation. The spirit was SOOOO strong! Momma, remember to ask me about this lesson! There are so  many other things I need to share in this email, but remember in my setting apart blessing how I was told I would have angels on the other side of the veil helping me? The veil was very thin in this lesson. It was such a powerful experience.
Okay! So we have been struggling with finding new people to teach through members. We have asked for referrals, taught members the lessons in their homes, brought them out with us, we were working as hard as we could. This week we got a text from the elder's quorum president that a less active member's girlfriend is interested in learning more. So on Saturday after another exchange we had we met N. Her boyfriend who is a member is extremely less active. I remember seeing is name when I first got here and hearing that he isn't interested in changing and is not progressing. So the fact that this member reached out to the elder's quorum pres. is a miracle of its self! N is amazing. Her mom passed away when she was a teenager and that's when she "found God and was saved." Everyone says saved here its cray. Anyways, we taught her about Heavenly Father and how much he loves us, and went on throughout the lesson of the restoration and the spirit was so strong. Her boyfriend was commenting, she recognized the spirit, and throughout the lesson the prompting to invite her to be baptized on a specific date was pounding through me! N quickly agreed and was sooo excited about it. The next day she and her boyfriend were at church :) She is getting a lot of opposition from her dad right now, he had heard a lot of anti- so please keep her in your prayers! She is set to be baptized on Feb 1, and is already working on living the word of wisdom!
Before I tell the next miracle I need to give some background: a member who is up at BYYI right now has a boyfriend who is not a member. We have been working with her to invite him to church, to read the book of mormon, etc. He came to church a couple times with her and really enjoyed it, but the member was a little apprehensive about extending any other commitments to him. Well, she is at school now, and yesterday C came without her! He just showed up. As we were listening to the talks, the spirit was so strong. I could sense he was feeling the spirit and that we needed to talk to him after sacrament meeting.  Right after the prayer,  N and her boyfriend were about to leave so I talked with them and explained to them about the next class and Sister T jumped up and went over to C! Companionship unity at its finest. We have an apt with him on Wednesday! After church his girlfriend texted us soooo excited and said that he told her he felt the spirit so strong today at church. What a miracle! All of these people are just falling in our laps!
I am so excited about this week and am so grateful I made the decision to serve a mission. I have never ever regretted it. I love you all so much! Please keep N, A and C in your prayers this week!
miracles are happening in Great Bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Choose Christ!!!!!
Sister Snow

2 nephi 10:23..... "23 Therefore, acheer up your hearts, and remember that ye arebfree to cact for yourselves—to dchoose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life."
Cheer up your hearts-this is my new moto!

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