Monday, December 16, 2013

Early Christmas Miracles/Doubt Not

We had transfer calls last night and Sister Tarwater and I are staying together for another transfer here in Great Bridge!!! We are soooooo happy!! we screamed and danced with happiness. We really love each other.
This week we only had 2 exchanges again, well more like 1 and a half. There has been a looooot of things going on with the sisters we are working with, so a lot of the week was spent planning and pondering what we could do to help. One of my favorite sisters was in the hospital this week and actually has to go home early now because of medical issues :( so saddd.
On Tuesday we had the wonderful opportunity to have a mission tour with a visit from Elder Perkins of the Quorum of the Seventy and I learned so much. One thing he taught us that I thought would be nice to share is that we need to think of every "meeting" as a revelatory experience. Come to church, meetings, firesides, camps with questions you need revelation for. For example; I asked how can I develop leadership qualities? And I got my answer within the first 5 minutes. God is so aware of us it is not even funny. Elder Perkins told president Baker he was very impressed with our mission! We had to prepare roll-plays of a lesson teaching the gospel and Sister Tarwater and I had a feeling we were going to be chosen. After Monday when the docter diagnosed me with vertigo, I picked up the prescription prescribed and during dinner I was out of it. I didn't know what was going on.  I was falling asleep... it was BAD. So I had to take the night off and rest. That is the WORST thing in the world being sick as a missionary. So we tried to prepare a lesson that night while I was drugged up and obviously the spirit was not there. The next day when Elder Perkins was looking through the crowd he kept looking at us. I couldn't make eye contact. He chose some other sisters, and it was the weirdest thing because several missionaries came up to us and told us they could have sworn it was us, that he kept looking at us but there seemed to be a shield. God was definitely looking out for me. I didn't even know my name that day.
Luckily after Tuesday the medicine worked and now I am feeling so much better!!! I can walk straight without tilting into the wall! Miracle #1
 Wednesday we finally had our lesson with the S's. They both had read the Book of Mormon and brother S even highlighted and tabbed the verses that stuck out to him!  The spirit was the strongest I have felt in a very long time. It was undeniable that the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon was being felt by both of them. The S's have a daughter that was baptized about a year ago, and they both were pretty anti about it. So it's a miracle in its self that they are meeting with us. Missionaries have been trying for months to make this happen. The S's admitted they felt the spirit and set up another appointment. They didn't accept the invitation to be baptized.. but they will!
I had a really awesome spiritual confirmation this week. Wed morning I was super down. I kept comparing myself to my companion( Satan's fav thing to do!) and convincing myself I was uninspired, and a horrible missionary. During weekly planning the previous week, I had felt the need to share a chapter of the Book of Mormon with a less active man in the ward. It was Mormon 9... We started our studies that morn and while reading the chapter I was thinking "why on earth did this chapter come to mind? this has nothing to do with him. I suck." I pushed the thoughts out and the spirit pointed out some scriptures in the chapter that seemed to relate. Then during comp study sister Tarwater was also very confused. So we decided to push back making lesson plans for Bro N and continue on. Near the end of comp studies we still couldn't think of anything. At this point I had no trust in myself AT all. Everything I did was wrong in my eyes. I doubted every thought that came to mind and just waited for my companion to think of something because she is always inspired. This negative, poisoning thought process kept on until we got into bro N's home and the first thing he bought up was his doubts and how he doesn't come to church because the leadership is horrible. Instantly the scripture from Mormon 9 came to mind and the peace of the spirit entered my heart. I seemed to hear the reassurance " See, you are in tune. You can do this. I love you.   I knew Heavenly Father was aware of me. I knew I needed to learn this lesson... doubt not. I learned to trust the spirit and trust myself!
Thursday we went on exchanges to Norfolk!! Yeeeee my first area! It was crazy. We contacted a member referral and the woman asked us what she needs to do to become Mormon. We walked into her home and she instantly told us that she believes she is already Mormon. She had notes on her whiteboard that said "law of health, eternal marriage, focus on families." her favorite things about the church. We set her for baptism on January 4th then she asked us what do i need to do to prepare? then she asked how she can get to the temple. I've never seen anything like it!!!!  She and her hubs are both preparing for baptism to be a forever family :)MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday a 8 year old we have been teaching, Amanda, got baptized :) First baptism we have seen in Great Bridge in  months!! Sister Tarwater has been working with Amanda and her family for 7 months! Amanda's sister, Atlantis, is 10, and she came up to us on Friday while we were over prepping Amanda and said she wants to be baptized tomorrow. Atlantis is a former investigator who didn't get baptized because she has a fear of water. ironic huh?
She said she's going to have to sit at least 3 feet back so she doesn't just jump in there... hahhaa we told her luckily there is a glass shield there to prevent that.
So we will be having another baptism in a couple weeks!
Sunday we got permission to go back to Nagshead <3 to see KYLE GET BAPTIZED!!!! After 4 months of working with him he did it!! I was so emotional. Kyle!!! I don't remember how specific I was with him, but when we first taught him I said, "We are not teaching him again. He thinks this is a joke and he won't progress."  Of course we did teach him again.. and the spirit changed his life. He lost a girlfriend, friends, and parties for it and he is still going strong.
Patrick baptized him! It was an amazing feeling being back "home" seeing all my family I had to say goodbye to, and watching Patrick, a recent convert, baptize his best friend! I got to give a talk about the holy ghost. It was fun!
Well this essay is finished! my fingers hurt.
I am excited for another transfer here in Great Bridge and the privilege I have to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. There is no greater blessing and miracle!!
I love you all!!
sister snow

 1. this week i learned dish soup and dish detergent do not do the same thing. ( I swear I taught her that when she was little....must be the medicine:)
 2. Amanda baptism!!!
3.some elders in my district. Elder Crump over on the left carried his suitcase like that for the 30 min walk to the church
4. kylleeeeeees baptism and Patrick on the right!
5.Sister Hymas, me, Kyle his momma

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