Monday, December 9, 2013

Claim to Fame

Hello Everyone!
This week went by super fast, as usual! Life has been flying by. It is so fun to see everyone in the Christmas spirit, hearing Christmas music all around Chesapeake, and seeing people much happier than usual :) it's the most wonderful time of the year! so cheesy...
This week was a strange one for Sister Tarwater and I because we only had 2 exchanges this week! We didn't have any back to back so we actually got to be companions! Tuesday we exchanged with the sister missionaries in Cape Henry. I went to that area and got to see how other missionaries are doing in their areas. It is always fun to go to other areas and see how the members are around them and such. I really love doing exchanges!  On Wednesday we had a big meeting and I got to see a lot of my best friends! It was amazing. I love President Baker. He is so inspired, so thoughtful and aware of the missionaries and the direction we need to take in our efforts to see miracles out here.
Thursday we had another exchange and we worked sooo hard here in Great Bridge. I am not sure why this has been happening, but we have seen MIRACLES this week. Great Bridge has been pretty slow the past six months, but this week we are having a baptism, and we found a handful of new investigators. Crazy things are happening and we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor! God is good.
I have learned such a huge lesson this week about how REAL the spirit is and how important it is to be in tune. Countless times I have felt prompted to try a certain person and then people are outside or walking to their homes and we go up and talk to them and they are SO prepared. Miracles I'm telling you! at least 6 people whom we have taught this week let us talk to them, spoke to us about the Book of Mormon and excitingly accepted the invitation to read it and to meet with us. Crazy things are happening here. I like it.
On Friday our stake put on a Christmas Program and performed the forgotten carols. It was pretty good. We invited EVERYONE we met to come.
I got to be in a parade! I was onTV!! Highlight of my life. The city puts on a CHRISTMAS parade. Yeah they actually call it a Christmas parade here. People aren't afraid to say Merry CHRISTMAS instead of happy holidays. It is a completely different world here in the "south."  So our ward made a float about the true meaning of Christmas and the youth dressed up for the nativity and the rest of the youth and the missionaries handed out pass along cards and candy canes along the parade. It was SOO fun! Never mind that we were freezing cold and I got super dizzy... it was WORTH it. There were soooo many people there, like the whole city. I felt personally responsible for every ones' souls! So many people, so few pass along cards! We are excited to see the result from our efforts!
We had a few wonderful lessons this week. One especially was SO spiritual. Sista T and I had been planning for this lesson with Brother B a less active individual who was baptized 2 years ago and left the gang he was involved in to join the church and change his life. Sadly he got back into old habits and got out of rehab in the past couple of months. Sense I got here he has been popping in my mind, so we met him while I was on an exchange with sister Savage. We set up an apt with him, and so on Friday we were all ready for this awesome lesson we had planned! We were going to teach him the restoration and he was going to be reminded of the power that comes from the spirit when we learn about the restoration. However, as soon as we got in there, the Spirit told us to teach about repentance and the atonement. We hadn't prepared anything, but I was confident that God was guiding my words. He did. It was one of the best lessons ever, and it was so wonderful to be able to tell someone that it IS possible to feel guilt-free. It is possible to be FORGIVEN. I could tell him this because I have FELT it and know it is REAL. The repentance process is necessary and the atonement of Jesus Christ makes it all possible. It makes no sense to suffer through life carrying burdens of sin and failure... give them to Christ!!!
We also are supper excited about a FAMILY we are teaching!!!! We had a lesson with Sister S and it was soo good. She felt the spirit so strong and we are so excited to see them progress. Keep them in your prayers!
As the holidays are coming up, I am more aware of how we need to remember our Savior every day! Not just at Christmas! I loved the Christmas devotional broadcast... what an amazing opportunity we had to listen to the prophet of God and the general authorities testify of the Savior.
I know that this gospel is true and that our Savior knows us perfectly and loves us.
Choose Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sister snow

2. went to oceanfront in VA beach on monday to be with some sisters! king Tritan?? Neptune? something like that...
3.i accidentally put my finger in frozen bird poop. i thought it was a sea shell

6.  chasing birds...
7. some of my fav elders
8. we got lost
9. One of the floats from the parade!!!!

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