Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is it me or my polygamy style skirts?

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!
This week was amazing. We had interviews with President Perry this tuesday and he told me how impressed he was with me. It felt really awesome to hear that I must be doing something right. He asked if I get hit on a lot in my area... hahahh. To answer that, sadly we do. The outer Banks is CRAZY!! it is so crowded now! Tourists EVERYWHERE. the roads are blocked with traffic, everyone we meet is here for the week only, and at church this sunday we had 800 ish people come, we had to meet in the Middle school instead of our building because we couldnt fit everyone! There was a singles group here that meets every memorial weekend. I am not supposed to call it a singles conference because a lot of sketchy things go down during this weekend apparently. The members said last year there was a reality tv crew following them around and it was titled "mormons gone wild." so yeah... this place is the East Coast Las Vegas. I love it though!  Im just going to start with the miracle, I can't wait until the end! So, like I said on Sunday there was a million  people here. An elder that used to serve in this area was here, visiting from DC. He came up to us and was like ," Sisters, there is a nonmember here. I gave him a book of mormon and he is sitting with us. Make sure you catch him after the meeting. He's in a purple polo!" Best moment of my life. Turns out P (the guys name) was playing soccer and he decided to come into the middle school to see which church was meeting. He told us he was planning on going to church on Sundays so might as well come to this one. We hunted him down after the meeting and set up a return appointment. I was on cloud nine the whole day. Talk about people being placed in our path by Heavenly Father!!
We also got to meet with some less actives, and found 5 new investigators this week. So that was fun! We are at the point where we need to drop a lot of them people they aren't keeping commitments. This is the hardest thing for me to do. To stop meeting with someone because they aren't willing to keep commitments. It absolutley breaks my heart. Gladly enough, there are people we meet who do accept the gospel, and that joy is greater than the sorrow and anguish felt when they do not. Kinda like Alma 36. I am obsessed with this chapter. The way Alma talks about repentance and forgiveness.... oh my goodness. We read this with our investigator, KB on Friday and we saw the spirit touch her soul. She opened up to us about horrible things that had happened to her in her past, and how she has a hard time trusting God. there is nothing better than testifying of what you hold so dear to your heart to someone you have grown to love, and feeling the spirit together. The church is so true. And I am so grateful for it.
Some down news... we taught P today. He told us how he is baptist and we spent an hour teaching him and trying to explain to him the need for proper authority. It just didn't click with him. He ended up coming to lunch with a member, only after trying to go out to lunch with us. When we were done and saying goodbye, he asked us if we can "hang out and not talk about mormon things..." no. Its hard to see if he really desires to know the truth of our message of if he's just looking for some girls to "hang out with... " We won't be meeting with him again unless it is at a members home. I dont know what it is this week but we have gotten followed by men on bikes, gotten kisses blown to us, call me, things thrown at us. It must be my polygamy style skirts.
Aside from the extremly awkward flirty men, everything is amazing. the work is progressing and we have an investigator set for baptism on July 17!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!! Transfer calls are also this Sunday. Who knows what will happen! I really pray I don't leave. The work is FINALLY picking up and so many people are so close to baptism!!
Love you all. Summer, you are so cute. Your hair cut looks cute. and Chandler, when did you get handsome? My companions said you look like a model and they have a crush on you. yolo
Sister Snow

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