Monday, May 20, 2013

the Mormons are here, everybody hide (Week 17?)

Hello all!!
Another week has gone by so fast! Its crazy. I had such an awesome week that truly was led by the spirit.
We got in contact with Mr. A.  So... remember how he "couldn't come to church because he was in the hospital?" Well it was real.  He opened the door and had black eyes and this weird band aid on his ear. He is deaf in one ear for now and was involved in a car accident. Talk about Satan trying to get him not to come to church! He is resting but all is well! :) My companions and I were laughing so hard because we were comparing ourselves to creepy ex girlfriends trying to figure out why A wasn't talking to us.
Annnnyways, haha we had an awesome experience with our new investigator, Miss T. We knocked on her door and she told us she had a minute and was interested in our message of how families can be together forever! As missionaries it is our privileged to immediately testify of the restoration, our unique message to the world. But as soon as we sat down I felt strongly prompted to teach the plan of salvation. We went for it, not knowing why, and Miss T opened up to us about her mom's death and how it greatly affects everything she does, and how she is so afraid of death. It was a really crazy experience! the church is SO true!!!!
We also have been meeting with two less active members, Sister S and Sister B. Sister B has been coming to church a ton, but her sister, Sister S is still struggling with the word of wisdom and in believing that she can be forgiven of her sins. We taught them the plan of salvation. As we were talking about the celestial kingdom, she told us how she wants to live with her son again, who passed away when he was a child.  She said she knows that he will be in the celestial kingdom, and even though she won't be there, knowing that he will be happy is good enough for her. The spirit took over that lesson, and we told her that the atonement of Jesus Christ is available to anyone. We just have to do our part. Tears filled the room as we told her that everyone is eligible for the celestial kingdom, and the way to get there is through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end. Oh my goodness family, the spirit was SO strong. We could feel her testimony of this wonderful plan of happiness strengthen. She told us she knew this was true, and this is exactly the push she needed to start working towards that goal. It was such an amazing lesson.
Sadly after that lesson, all of the 5 appointments we had set up back to back bailed on us. No body would answer the door. I swear someone in the neighborhood saw us and must have sent out a group text saying the Mormons are here everybody hide! Sister H actually saw one kid in the window  jump off the couch and hide on the floor!
Miss D, a woman we met last week who is super solid cancelled our appointment this week because her dog died and it has really brought her into a depression. We are keeping her in our prayers and will hopefully be able to teach her this week, if she decides she is ready to see people again. :(
We found a new investigator named  T this week, who asked us to come back so we can teach his wife and son! so stoked!! There are so many people here who are searching for truth. It's all about letting the spirit guide us where we need to be, and talking to everyone!! Mom, remember how we would be in the store and I would need help with something and I would be to afraid to talk to the employee? Let's just say I have changed a lot from what kind of person I used to be! On Saturday we were walking back to the car in the church parking lot and saw this girl sitting on the cub of the church parking lot, using the WiFi. We walked over to her and told her who we were and she got super excited and said she had heard a lot about Mormons and wanted to know from the source! So we plopped right there next to her and had a lesson with KB in the parking lot! The first thing she asked us was if it was true that we believe we get our own planets.... hahaha we taught her the plan of salvation, the book of Mormon, the law of Chasity, revelation through prayer, the holy ghost, and church attendance. It was the craziest, funnest lesson ever. She told us she is truly seeking truth, and she has a lot of questions about God and feels this desire to grow closer to him and Jesus Christ. GOLDEN!!!! It was so amazing!!! We had a prayer with her at the end and she wanted all of us to pray, so we sat in a circle and each said a prayer. It was a super cool experience!
We also went to a born again christian dinner party. It was interesting. hahaha
I love you all so much. Grandad Guess, I got your birthday card! Thank you so much for your continued support. I love you!
Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. Missionary work is tough, but knowing that my family back home loves me keeps me going.
Chandler... you are such a stud. You looked so handsome at prom. I seriously started crying when I saw pictures of you guys! You are so grown up! (serious.fake.)
Love you all!! have an amazing week!!!
Sister Snow

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