Monday, May 6, 2013

Weed and Read Week 15

Hello family!!
Another amazing week has flown by!
We focused so much on less active members by doing SERVICE. Oh man... it was so much fun. We weeded, mowed lawns, and climbed trees to rip of ivy branches off. I have such a strong testimony of service! It makes you so HAPPY to be able to serve God's children. There really is nothing better than helping somebody out. Dad, I was thinking about you all week as I was weeding. I remembered that one time in San Elijo when we started the garden on the side of our house and how much fun it was. And hey, since I study so much in the morning, I was doing a lot of the famous WEED and READ. Its like I'm home again or at Grandma's summer camp!
We had a lot of ups and downs this week as we worked our hardest to find people prepared for the gospel. We were pretty unsuccessful. We really had our patience and our faith tested as we worked our hardest every single day. On Saturday during our 5 hour designated tracting time, we stopped and had a breakdown. We kept saying "What are we doing wrong? What else do we need to be doing??" nothing happened. We decided we should go contact some potentials down the street, and as soon as we pulled onto the road I felt the spirit super strong. I thought I was going crazy, but I told my companions we are supposed to be here. Of course nothing happened, until we pulled up to  the second to last house, and then we met A. He opened the door and let us right in! We taught him right there and he's coming to church next week! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!! After a week of being in an area that we classified as "Dead." It was the most joy I have felt in a long time being able to have an investigator again. Oh man. I'm getting teary eyed just talking about this. Being a missionary is so hard sometimes. WE rely on the Lord with everything, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves that people have agency. Rejection will happen, but so does acceptance! We can not know the bitter without the sweet.
Mother: for mothers day,we are going to be at the members house at 130 my time. I can either skype at 230 or 330. which is best for y'all?
Have an amazing week!
Sister Snow

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