Monday, July 7, 2014

"you recieve no witness until after the trial of your faith" June 30th 2014

hello again!!
i feel like i was just sitting at the computer yesterday... the weeks are cruising by. it is terrifying. these have been the quickest weeks of  my life. I am hanging on to each hour of the day, hoping they last a little longer but they dont.
This week was pretty brutal. All of the appointments that we had set up cancelled for the week, or rescheduled. Nobody was getting back to us. we worked hard everyday dispite the obvious let downs of cancellations. there werent a lot of people outside, or home. We did have an exchange this week with the smithfield sisters. We felt i needed to go there, and sister dalton and i had ablast working hard until we dropped. we found new investigators, taught lots of people, and felt the spirit leading us where to go, what to say, and what to do. I havent seen so many black people sense norfolk-but i do this really embarrassing thing and talk like them.... its bad. i get made fun of. please dont place me in LA when i am home. it will be a terrifying sight and i might get beat up.
We got a horrifying call from our mentaly/emotionally challenged investigator-lee on tuesday night. actually morning. it was 330 am. the call was sent to voicemail and he left a disturbing voicemail on our phone saying the church is just like any religion and its not good and he will destroy the earth with his powers and he is not a human-a fallen star. It was pretty frightning. we called him to tell him we wont be seeing him anymore and he said he didnt mean anything he said, that it was a nervous breakdown and he loves the church and us. We held strong. hes to dangerous.
so that was the end of Lee, or schitzophrenic, multiple personality, and bi-polar friend. I miss him.
We had zone conference this week and we heard great instructions and trainings from president Baker and the assistants. i cried the whole second half. It was depressing.
Sunday is when our week picked up. We were so tired, and trying not to get down from the weeks events. We continued to stay dilligent and hold fast, and then the miracles happened. Suzanne came to church again! She loved it, and her daughter is interested in meeting with us also!
AFter church we practiced the song we are going to sing in sacrament meeting on the 20 for my last sunday (gross) and then we SPRINTED.we worked SO hard. we found 4 new investigators and met some wonderful people. It was such a miracle. 3 of them are family members of a member here in greatbridge that i had met a long time ago. They let us teach them about thebook of mormon and agreed to let us come back and teach them more. They also asked if they could feed us dinner! so kind. I love the south! people here are the kindest.
the other investigator we met was outside, we were contacting someone and saw him outside. i love talking to strangers.
when we got in last night, sister griffin and i were almost in tears at the miracle God had provided for us,. After a whole week of struggling, being humbled and refined we saw the miracles. ether 12:6
I love you all! I know that only through being obediant and dilligent we are entitled to all the blessings heavenly father has in store for us. There is always alittle more we can be doing to come close to the Savior. Just when we feel like giving up, ask heavenly father to give you strength. the atonement is REAL. i feel its aid everysingle day. Isaiah 40:28-29. 31 have become my new favorite scriptures.
hope you all are having a great week! be safe at lake powell please!
and hope your day was special sum sum!! cant believe you are 11!!!!!!!!!
sister Snow

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