Monday, July 21, 2014

Called to serve

family and friends..
I can not believe i am actually writing my LAST email home. this is crazy. This week has been the toughest week ever. a part of me is so excited for the next chapter of my life, and another part is completely heart broken my time as a full time missionary is over. The future is bright, and i have learned so many lifelong lessons as i have served the Lord.
This week we were so blessed. It was one of the best weeks number wise we have had in a long time. We taught a lot of lessons, found new investigators, prepared people to come close to be baptized, and we lived our purpose everyday. 
we were blessed to see a family we have been teaching come to church, and they enjoyed it very much! 
I look back on this week with no regrets. I used all the time i was blessed with to work my hardest and to be bold in all situations. There is no greater happiness than that of bearing testimony and teaching people about their savior. 
That is what it is all about. That is why i work by hardest every single day. That is why i keep going, even when we get screamed at or made fun of. That is why i am obedient. Jesus Christ really did come to the earth and preform the atonement for US. The atonement is REAL and it heals us, gives us strength, and changes us. I am not who i was 18 months ago. Thank goodness! I know that because of the savior i can keep progressing. My time as a missionary is not over, it is just beginning!! 
Because of my service as a missionary, i honestly can say that i love myself. 
Because of my service as a missionary, more importantly i love other people. I have learned how to work hard, how to find joy, and how to trust Heavenly Father.
I know this will continue to grow. 
Alma 26:11-16, 35-37 has given me so much comfort today. God IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! he does have all power... this is HIS work and he will strengthen us to be able to do hard things. 
i love you all. Thank you for the prayers, letters, and love. 
sister snow

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