Monday, July 7, 2014

" there is One other than Walmart who saves"

My email title is from a church bilboard. love it. The south is so great with all its little churches everywhere. Everyone here looooooves Jesus. I am loving every second i have left here, every day is filled with so many opportunities to bear my testimony and to have mine strengthened.
This week was one of the toughest ones yet. But on the bright side... i loved everysingle day :) I had an inspired goal in weekly planning last week to focus on having a postive attitude always. i didnt know why at the time, but i do now! We had almost all of our investigators drop us this week. So sad. all the people who were set for baptism now are not, i got a call from a member here telling me that one of my favorite people inthe world passed away. it was brutal. Brothe spencer from nagshead passed away after a long battle with his health.I just wanted to cry and take a break, but we kept working and like i always say.. teaching cures all wounds. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge we have that families can be together forever. Brother Spencer was sealed to his wife for time and all eternity, and he lived his life in the service of others. I called him Grandpa spencer, and i cant wait to see him again someday. he changed my life.
we worked SOOO hard this week and saw little fruit from it numbers wise, but that is not what a mission is about. it is about doing what the Lord asks of us, forgetting ourselves and getting to work. It is about doing what the savior would do and helping his children come unto christ. We definately fulfilled our purpose this week. We got sooo many rejections, doors slammed in our faces, but i couldnt stop smiling! I am a representative of Jesus christ, how could i NOT smile?
We were blessed to see some investigators at church! How glorious!! it is a choice to be discouraged and unhappy.
I am SO grateful for the privlidge i have to be a missionary. sorry this email is SO short... there really is not much to report on for the week other than we worked our tails off, satan will not get us down, there was a hurricane here on friday- the nagshead sisters got evacuated!- we werent allowed to procelyte on july 4th :( OH! on friday at zone meeting i had to bear my "dying testimony" is what they call it... its the last time i will see most of these people- and i cried like a baby and i testified of the savior and how much he loves us. I have learned so many precious sacred lessons here in virginia and north carolina, and i cherish the moments i have to testify to othersof the things i have learned.
I  know we all can change. I know that Christ is our SAvior and we have unlimited potential. I know he heals, strengthens, and loves us. I know the book of mormon is the word of god and man will get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book!!!
I hope everyone had a fab july 4th. this week is going to have sooo many miracles... one of them being for the first time probably ever i am singing in sacrament meeting  this sunday.
wish me luck!!
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! CHOOSE CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister snow

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