Monday, May 12, 2014

Miraculous Miracles

It was just so amazing seeing Y'ALL yesterday. I am so lucky to have such a fun and beautiful family. I am still amazed that I didn't cry! First time!!!! Emails got super messed up today because the power went out at the library and it was closed so we are now at the church after searching around and begging the elders for a key to the family history center... but I am here. After much opposition.
This week was probably the best week of my entire mission. No joke. Miracle after miracle.
I am short on time so I will be brief… well I will try to be :)
Miracle #1 J who was a former investigator who showed up at church last Sunday called us on Monday night and said she cant stop thinking about the things she learned at church and how she too can " know this is true." She told us about past experience with missionaries and how before her heart wasn't in it, and now it is. She wants to know so badly. She cant meet with us in person until 2 more weeks because she teaches elementary school and doesn't get home until 9 every night- it's testing week. we were so excited as she told us extremely spiritual confirmations she has had about this church. last time she was at church she had thought to herself that this church would be perfect for her children. then she heard a voice saying "if its perfect for your children,why isn't it perfect for you?" she told us how before she shrugged it off and now she is realizing that wasn't just a small thing. Set a follow up phone call  (so weird i know) The next phone call we invited her to be baptized on May 31 - first time doing that over a phone call- and she is praying about it!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyy. Almost a commitment!! ahaha
Miracle #2 F (T's son) agreed to take all the lessons before he moves and pray to know its true and decide if he wants to be baptized. this is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Miracle #3 After many prayers and many failed attempts to meet a members neighbor that I have been talking with the members about for over 6 months… we finally had a lesson with her! She is a new investigator! Turns out I had already met her and she had been coming to mind for the past week but I just forgot her name-i couldn't explain who she was-but God knew. She is so prepared. We are teaching her tomorrow!!
Miracle # 4 on my birthday we got a phone call from a member whom we had dinner with the night before telling us that she invited her neighbor to meet with us, and she accepted!!! We have an apt this Friday.
Miracle #5 members brought their friends to church!!!!
God is So great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after working so hard with the members and finding through our own effort for the time I have been here... members are finding people for us to teach. They are bold, converted, and eager to share the gospel and work together with us full time missionaries!!!!
I have never seen this happen before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Griffin and I have been walking around with our jaws dropped all week. It has been the most miraculous week, full of so much fun and so much work. I am so tired all the time, but I wouldn't have it any other way. All sacrifice is so small compared to what the cause is.
On Wednesday night we had a very spiritual lesson with the smiths. We have been teaching them now for over 6 months and they are progressing very slowly. We had planned to teach the 10 commandments but I felt very dark and wrong about it as i was studying. I prayed about it and the Lord directed my thoughts to Alma 32. So this is what we taught them.  Not knowing exactly why, we went into the smiths home ready for whatever God had in store. Bro Smith had a very spiritual experience and had a very specific dream that told him- in answer to his prayer about the Book of Mormon being true- to keep going, you are on the right track. then he read in Alma 5 about praying and fasting many days and he said he got his answer. he knew it was true. We read over Alma 32 and he kept saying WOW. this is amazing and going along with my experience. The spirit was so strong.. so I invited him to be baptized and show his faith in Jesus Christ by acting on this answer.... he said he wasn't ready for that yet. HEARTWRENCHER!!!!
some day. i know this was a huge step for him to be able to know that the Book of Mormon is true though.
I have learned a lot about faith this past week. I know that faith is so much more than a belief. it is a constant trust coupled with fearless action. As we place all of our trust in the Lord and place aside all of our doubt, our negativity, our natural man, God will work miracles in us. I have no doubt about it. I know that we need to be willing to act and make sacrifices in order to see growth. that is one of the biggest lessons i have learned.
Thank you for the birthday lovin'. I felt special :) birthdays are the best as missionaries. It is not about you and you get to feel the pure joy of missionary work all day long.
Thanks again for everything!
Until next week,
sister snow
Happy bday hermana calder!!!!!!!!!!!
Have fun at PROM channy wanny!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow...what a great week!!! Happy belated bday! Keep up the good work.