Monday, May 19, 2014

Glistening in 108 degrees


We taught so many people this week I dont have enough time to go into detail... but this week was such a great week! So many amazing spiritual experiences. Sister griffin is such a blessing. it has never been so easy before to teach with someone before! The spirit really has been working through both of us. we are working hard to "get out of the way" as elder bednar taught us and I have seen so many changes in the teaching appointments we have as we are truely there for THEM and seek and follow revelation from the spirit.
Tuesday we had our first exchange of the transfer. We went with the hermanas in elizabeth city. it was funtastic. I was with a good friend of mine, hermana brugman, who came from ecity to great bridge for some FUNN. We focused our exchange on talking with everyone, something a lot of sisters in this mission are struggling with :( On this day apparently the temp was 108 DEGREES. all the plans that we had set up were droppin, and i kept having the feeling that we needed to go tracting. goodness that didnt sound to pleasing in this weather, but the thought came again and so we went for it! We saw multiple miracles. No time to go into detail but we met many new potential investigators and a new investigator who said how amazing it was that we happened to show up today because she had been struggling with her belief in christ and was looking for more truth. What a tender mercy! i love exchanges so much... God shows us that the things we are weak in really can become strengths as we get over our selfish fears and concerns and get to work. As we talked with everyone we saw miracles. peoples hearts were touched by our message, only one door was slammed in our faces and we had some hilarious stories. One drunk man told us he couldnt focus on what we were saying becuase we were "glistening." eww.
We are still teaching a lot of the same investigators we have been working with, they are slowly making progress.Finn and ED came to church this sunday. it was amazing!!!
On wednesday we FOUND KRYSTAL! shes alive!!!!!!!!!! we showed up at her home after the relief society pres told us she knew she was home. krystal is getting seperated from her home and is moving down to florida, but we were able to come over saturday and help her pack up and talk to her about getting baptized down in florida. Good things are happening.
Wednesday i woke up with the most awful pain in my face and a horrible cold. I kept going all day, we ended up walkin around all day in the blazing sun looking for more people to teach...we had a lot of success as well. Talked with so  many people and set a lot of return appointments. One old man made us cherry red lemonade. bonuss.
thursday morning i woke up feeling like death so the missionary nurse told me to go to the doctor and get drugs. turns out i had a pretty bad sinus infection and fever so that was  bummer. our day was a little slower.
friday and saturday i was still feeling pretty groggy. we kept going to the appts we had and on saturday morning i got a blessing of healing so that i would have the strength to make it through. As the worthy priesthood holder placed his hands on my head i immidiately felt strength and peace. I felt better instantely and made it through the day filled with so many teaching appointments-including teaching fin at the mission home!!! first time teaching with president baker!! we were so nervous. we were praying about what to teach the night before and instantly the atonement came to mind so strongly. sis griffin had the same impression. we were so excited! the lesson went so well. Pbaker asked "would you say baptism is a goal for you." Finn said, "baptism is not a goal because it is obtainable. I would say it is my objective." 
yayyy baptism. We are prayful he will decide to be baptized here and get the courage to ask his father for permission. him and tori move to WI in 2 weeks. PLEASE PRAY FOR FIN!!!!!!!!!!
Family, i know that the holy ghost is the key to conversion. i have seen in countless times this week and i know that we need to be bold and act on those promptings so we dont hinder the work of salvation!
I am so grateful that everyone is SAFE and sound. the members were so kind and kept reassuring me that my family in carlsbad is safe.
love you guys.
chan you looked AWESOME at prom!!!!!!!!!!!!
untill next week!
Chose Christ!
sister snow

bath tub steam planning?  Thought steam from tub would help with head cold


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