Monday, April 7, 2014

How Awesome was Conference?!

I have included the questions that were asked by the reporter:

why are you on a mish
have you felt any danger
what do you believe
what drew you to this church
what do you want the public to know about the church and you as missionaries

chelsea wrote, "I was nervous and then it got better. In the interview it just felt like a normal lesson but we were with the assistans and mission president... oh my old bishop was there and he kept hugging me! So awkward! He told me I'm his long lost daughter and asked me to marry his son in Australia.

I answered all of them i think
Begin forwarded message:

This week went by way to quickly! honestly it terrifies me how quickly the time is going by... the days are quickly turning to weeks and the weeks into months.
This week we has two exchanges back to back and an interview with the Virginian Pilot. Our interviewer is a roman catholic man who saw two missionaries riding by on their bikes a couple weeks ago and remembered a couple years back when two elders were shot and one was killed in the area. He was baffeled at how after this, no more reports on missionaries have been mentioned. So he wanted to change this. We had a conference call with salt lake and the representatives gave us tips on how to answer questions and areas to avoid. They told us not to try and convert the reporter... first question in all four of us  missionaries had explained the restoration and bore our testimonies. It was fun :) the interview was a very fun expereince, we had the opportunity to tell the whole coastal side of virginia what we want them to know about us missionaries, how our service has been, and why we came on missions. The article should be in the newspaper and online by the end of this month! hopefully i didnt ruin the name of the church! kidddinggggg

One of the exchanges I was on this week was in Norfolk, my first area! i had the blessing of seeing some less actives we used to work with, all my heart, soul and prayers going towards there behalf a year ago. It is amazing that bond that the gospel of Jesus Christ creates. Once you have learned to love as Christ does, there is no turning back.

This week we found a couple new investigators, and we have been working so hard every single day. Missionary work is such an adventure everyday... We seek for people to teach all day everyday. From knocking doors, to scheduled appointments, lessons at members, and even walking to people chillin in their garage having a litle kick back, and having a 30 minutes discussion on the Book of Mormon! I couldn't be happier!  It is tempting to get discouraged at times, but with the Lord on our side we can not lose.
We had some powerful lessons this week as well. We taught the smiths again, and it was the most amazing lesson yet. The smiths are/were very closed off and were taking the lessons so they can know what their daughter believes. the more we havebeen teaching them, and bringing the spirit into their home, the more they are changing. Slowly but SURELY. A couple lessons ago brother smith was upset because he had been praying for an answer to a personal question and the scriptures he had read were broad. We encouraged him to keep reading and praying, that the answer will come.  well this time bro smith says "remember how i was upset that my prayer wasnt answered? well i found my answer." I learned through reading the book of mormon and from opening his heart to the spirit, that he needs to focus on others more. he experienced a complete change of heart. Before, he told us that when he read the book of mormon he felt like God was telling him "hes good where hes at." but now everytime he reads the book of mormon he sees how much he needs to improve on. this has shown me how powerful the book of mormon is. it really does CHANGE hearts.

HOW AMAZING WAS GENERAL CONFERENCE?!?!?!??!?!! it came at the perfect time. Life is stressful and feels overwhelming at times, but how lucky are we to be regrounded by the words of our leaders who are chosen by God?
I recieved so many answers to my questions, and i know that the real change doesnt take place until we apply it and ACT, are persistant, and follow up.
Hope everyone enjoyed listening to conference, and has a wonderful week.
arise and respond in love and kindness!!!
sister snow

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