Monday, April 14, 2014

He is Stronger

Dearest Family,
Momma, Dad, and Chan... I hope you are having so  much fun in Nicaragualalaiaajwe (Nicaragua). And that you are being SAFE and giving those Nica people book of mormons ;) I met a couple people from there this week when I was an hermana for the day! Catch a wave for me Chan. hahah jk I'm a poser.
This week was one of the most tiring weeks of my mission. and life. We had so many exchanges to go on, and with sisters who are really struggling. Sister Tarwater and I have not been together for more than two days. It's been crazy!
Remember me talking about Tori, and how her 12 year old son doesn't know that she is baptized because of legal stuff and she is wanting to wait to introduce him to the church until they move to Wisconsin?? Well, we had a miracle this week: we are teaching him. He came to church!!
Started off monday night, we had a FHE with the Bishop and Tori was invited. We invited her to invite him. She said no, but then sent us a text 1 min after saying, "Something is nudging me to invite him. We'll be there at 7." THE SPIRIT!!!! She is so good and diligent and following promptings!!!  Her son said the FHE was the best part of his day and he loves mormons. scoreee.
Tuesday was exchange #1. We saw so many people here in Great Bridge and had many miracles, taught a new investigator who is basically LDS and told us to not to get discouraged because of rejections and just know you are planting seeds. Hahaha.  Taught S the Word of Wisdom-it was a toughy. He loves making his beer. The spirit was strong though and he committed to work on it and pray about it.
Exchanged back the next day, had some time to weekly plan, then saw one of my favorite less active members! Had a very uplifting, spiritual lesson with her. I love teaching the gospel SO much. I wish I had time to go into details!!  Then exchanged again and drove down to NAGSHEAD WHAT WHAATTTTT. I was an hermana. We had two exchanges there, and I don't know what is going on... but I taught and understood almost everything that was going on! All I can say is the gift of tongues= REAL. It was a real testimony booster of how amazing the Holy Ghost really is.
Got back to Greatbridge and we were sooo exhausted. I don't think I have ever prayed so hard in my life for energy, positivity, and strength. God is so amazing to have sent his Son down to Earth to suffer for us individually, so that we can have strength when we cannot imagine taking one step further. He is there with us every step of the way. I KNOW this is true, It happened to me this entire week.
Friday was a very tough day. The sisters that we were with are really struggling, and so we had the blessing of lifting them up. It is amazing to me how every exchange I have been on, God provides specific people to be placed in our path, or specific situations that are just what these sisters need to be able to grow in confidence and in their testimonies. The second we got to Great Bridge we went to contact a referral from Ms. T (she's given us like 10!!  So CONVERTED!!!! )with and we brought Ms. T along with us while the woman was cutting T's sons's hair, we started teaching her. The woman said she really connected with the sister's conversion story and agreed to meet with us. It was just what this sister needed. God knows us so perfectly, and he knows his children so perfectly! He really is involved in the smallest fabrics of our lives.
K is getting baptized the 26 now...Keep Miss K in your prayers.
We recieved a call this morning from President Baker... he wants us to take another sister with us and be in a trio for the rest of this transfer. I am humbled by how much Heavenly Father trusts me and apparently knows that I can handle this! I am excited! More people to love :)
I know with all of my heart that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is stronger than all stumbling blocks that are in our way, be it anxiety, negative thoughts, agency of others... Christ has the power to overcome it all. We just need to let him.
Have an amazing week!!
Sister Snow!!
Guess who is coming here May 3?!?!? ELDER BEDNAR!!!! SO EXCITING!!! It is going to be a combined mission conference with RICHMOND!! I get to see my old mission and friends!!  CANT WAIT!!

Treats for the Sis Exchanges and training leader duties

Rearrange the apartment time

Sunrise testimony mtg and beach run in OBX

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