Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!!

Chelsea is definitely flying home on July 22.  She would love to see  you all there

So this week has been very interesting to say the least. I told y'all last week that we have another sister with us. She has been with us since last Monday. I will spare the details, but President has put her with us so we can show her the joy in missionary work and help to change her mind about going home. I don't think I have ever been so tired before in my life! Did I say that last week??
We had a great week despite the many hurdles that have come our way. We found many new investigators, something we have been struggling with a lot this transfer.
Some things I will highlight :
Met a guy named J while we were contacting a referral. He was standing outside smoking so we went up and started to talk to him. He wasn't too interested at first, but as we spoke with the spirit, it touched his heart and he opened up. He told us how he moved here from New Jersey to get away from the bad scene and to change his life. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and how it will fill his life with peace. He agreed to a return appointment. So we come back the next day... he answers and says today isn't a good day, so naturally we read the scriptures with him on his door step and have a lesson and set up another return apt. At this point I want to say he's flaky and we will move on to someone who wants this in their life and will make time... but we all feel we need to be PERSISTENT and FOLLOW UP (Elder Ballard conference talk reference of course ) so we knock on the door again for our 3rd appointment and J lets us in. We walk in and there are 4 men inside all moving around chairs so they can sit in with us. At first I thought I was going to get jumped. This easily became one of my favorite moments on my mission. We only had about 15 minutes and we said the opening prayer and I grab the Book of Mormon and start explaining it, testifying and the spirit is INCREDIBLE. Us three little white girls sitting in an apartment teaching big guys about Jesus Christ. One was on the floor, others in chairs around us, they kept saying, "Wow that's amazing." And "I want to read this book right now" and as we were setting up a return apt, one guy says how long is the apt. We told him 45 minutes and he said that wasn't enough time. Haha that is not usually a typical reaction! He told us that this opened up his eyes to want to learn more.
I love being a missionary.

We had dinner with Ms.T and had some really amazing experiences with her. She is so wonderful. I cannot even explain to y'all my love for her. She is amazing-going through SO much right now and she just happily moves on and serves others. We taught her about the restoration and we promised her before we taught that names and faces would come to mind of who is ready for her to make an invitation to, and as we followed up after, she said there are too many faces to be able to keep track. So I hand her a sticky note and she starts writing all these names down! One name.. Billy jo she wrote and then erased a couple times, until finally she gasped and said, "I don't know why I keep writing this name down! I don't know a Bil-oh my goodness. He is deceased."
She is so in tune to the spirit and to the other side of the veil. We all knew that night that her family member Billy Jo is waiting to have his temple work done.
It was remarkable.
S who was scheduled for baptism lost his job this week so he was been MIA.
So has K. she decided to leave for Florida this week and not tell us, or answer the phone. So she isn't going to make her date this week....
Please pray for K.

Easter Sunday was honestly just like another Sunday. Holidays like Easter and Christmas do not feel so much as a holiday to me, because everyday I get to carry the Easter spirit with me as I teach others about the hope of the atonement. We did get to play with chickens.. So that was a bonus.
The weeks seem to be rushing by even faster. This is sister Tarwater's last week. We are not talking about that though... I am so devastated. I love that woman. She has changed my life. 6 months with a companion is a long time, and I have been SO lucky to have learned so much from her.
I am learning every single day how powerful the Book of Mormon is and how that is a key component of our conversion. As we study from the scriptures and preach my gospel, we will be able to learn what Heavenly Father wants of us, and we will feel ourselves desire to repent and work harder to become like the savior.
I know that Christ's power gives us the ability to change. We all have weaknesses, some are in our faces more than others, but as we turn to Christ and are yoked with him, our load will be easier to bare.  I want to hear about your studies in preach my gospel!!!
Have a BLESSED week!!
xoxox sister Snow

chicken chasing

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