Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 21? I am amazed at how Good God is!

This week went by wayyy too fast! I can not believe it's already been a full week!
Some good news:
R now has a baptismal date set for September 14. He originally wanted September 16, but we are working on pushing it closer. He is SO READY!! I have never seen somebody more prepared than R. He is amazing. I could go on and on about what a fun, kind, prepared soul he is. I think you get it :)
This week was a rough for my tummy. Mom, remember how when I was younger I would always get stomach aches? Well this whole week I have been having horrible stomach probs. I don't really know what the cause of it is, I had to call the mission office medical sister about it and she didn't know what to tell me. So, I just kept trekking on like usual! Aside from the weird stomach aches, this week was a great one. We had the opportunity to help R out with his frozen yogurt shop's grand opening. That was fun. Met some awesome people, especially this one catholic man who was definitely searching for more.  He asked us questions when he saw our name tags and modest skirts. He was very impressed by the church! Sadly he lives in Florida, so we gave him a pass along card and bore strong testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and invited him to go on and request missionary visits!  The spirit was strong. I love how anywhere we go, we are always witnesses of Jesus Christ, and there is always a chance to share the gospel! You can feel the Holy Ghost bare witness of the truth of your message whether you are outside of a frozen yogurt shop, standing on the street in the ghetto, or teaching in a home. I am so grateful for these little but powerful moments of pure happiness and joy that is brought about through the Holy Ghost!

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. I got to see my dear sister W again! It was awesome.

I don't know how much I have mentioned about what is going on with the work in this area or not, but I'm going to go for it anyways!
For the past 3 Sundays in a row we have gotten a phone call from our zone leaders who are freaking out because we have had the highest key indicators that Nags Head has seen for the past 3 years. We use key indicators to measure progress, but as missionaries we know that they aren't important to measure how successful we are. . But they do show our progress. The first week I got here, we had no investigators, no progressing investigators, no member presents, nothing. Now we are teaching sooo much and we have no time to keep track of everything and everyone! okay that was an exaggeration, we keep track of everyone don't worry. But I am AMAZED at how GOOD GOD is. We work hard, we are obedient, and we have faith, and God does the rest. He is preparing his children EVERYWHERE. They could be next door, they could be your doctor, they could be ANYONE!!! Don't hesitate to share the gospel with anyone!!!!  When I was serving in Norfolk I saw the other side to missionary work. When you are working your hardest, but all your are doing is planting seeds and not seeing any baptisms. In Nags Head, I am seeing the blessing of harvesting, and family, it is the greatest joy I have ever felt in my entire life.
THIS CHURCH IS SO TRUE!!! Everyday my testimony is strengthened. There is no way that I could ever deny it. When the Holy Ghost bears witness of the truth and impresses on the soul the reality of God, of Jesus Christ, and of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, no earthly power can separate man from this knowledge! President Faust said this, and I 100% agree with this statement!
If any of you have not seen the broadcast "hastening the work" that was aired last night, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! we were all bawling the whole time. It is such an amazing thing that is happening right now. So many members are "catching the wave" of missionary work and rising to the call. We have so much to do, and it is such a comforting thing knowing that this is the Lords work, and as long as we are trying our best, we can not fail. He will not allow it. I know this to be true.
Alma 13: 29- this scripture is a huge comfort to me. if we are humble, have faith, are obediant, repent, we are promised to have the love of God with us always and to have eternal life. Who wouldn't want this?? the Lord PROMISES that when we do these things we will have eternal life. So why not do them? why withhold these blessings from ourselves, and why not share these things with others??

I love you all!! Sum Sum, looks like your party was a "treat" hahahaha I am so funny. So glad to see the family had fun at the fam reunion without me and Jake there to make it really fun. Keep trying ;) Hi Jordan!
Sister Snow

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