Monday, June 2, 2014

Cloud 9

This week was so rewarding. Sister Griff and i are still in shock.
We had two exchanges, one with the smithfield sisters and one with the hermanas in nagshead. we hardly had any time to breathe this week! On wednesday i was here in the area with a new-to-the-mish missionary, sister dalton who is not very new! she was such a powerhouse. we had a lot of fun together, and were blesssed with so many teaching opportunitues. Every hour of the day was booked with a teaching appointment, and non of the fell through! first time my whole mission that that has happened!! miracles happen on exchanges, that is a fact.
We had a lot of spiritual lessons this week where God knew exactly what his children needed to hear, and as we plead with him in prayer, things came to find as to what to share, and we followed the promptings and people were amazed at how much God is aware of them. Multiple times that morning and night as we planned for the lessons we were teaching, things would come to mind and we would look at each other with confused looks on our faces, shrug and study then teach what the impressions were. I will never forget the sweet spirit that is felt as people feel and understand that god really is our loving heavenly father, and that he truely is aware of everything going on in our lives, and that I am only a messanger and tool for the Savior!! He is always there to help us, we need to eliminate the things in our lives that are bringing us farther from him and let him into our lives fully.
Thursday we saw Finnegan get baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. It was one of the most powerful baptisms i had ever attended in my entire life. We came to the church early to fill the font and get everything ready, and as we were doing so i had a really strong feeling that we needed to have a testimony meeting in between the time when finnegan was getting changed. I have never done that before, but i shrugged, told sis griffin, and we went for it.
The baptism was remarkable. Finnegans sister, bree came!!! also toris bro scott, who they are living with in WI came to support even though he is a die hard luthern, along with more of her friends. The talk on baptism was given by an adorable 11 year old boy named Blake, and then finnegan was baptized by the bishop. he got baptized twice because his little foot popped up. he was born a twin, and it was cool that he still does everything in 2s :)
While we was changing sister griffin and i had a mini lesson of the restoration, there were so many non members there! I totally started crying as i said the first vision.. that hasnt happened in a long time, but the spirit was so thick. I felt like i was in the celestial kingdom, seeing all of the many people that i love, feeling the spirit of the restoration and of the covenant that finnegan just made. sister griffin said it looked like i was glowing?? hahah who knows but it was just amazing to feel the spirit so so strong. We opened it up to anyone who wanted to express their feelings of christ and what just took place, and finnegans uncle jumps up and tearfully explains how finns twin brother died and how he knows matthew was here today, and how it was hard as an uncle seeing his nephew get baptized into a nother church but he happy with the decision he made and knows it was a right one. wow.
Finnegan recieved the gift of the holy ghost and afterwards, he leaned into tori and wispered "i am so happy right now."
This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ will do for all people who chose to accept it.
I know that this gospel is a gospel of change.
I had to privlidge to be an HERMANA for the day in nagshead, and we taught a woman named cecilia. Kyle, one of my recent converts from naghead was accompaning us, and he bore his testimony to cecilia in tears about how this gospel has changed him completlety and how he is the happiest he has ever been in his life, and he promised her that she would feel that joy as she read the book of mormon and prayed with real intent. he quoted scripture!! It was such a sweet experience. he told me friday that hes been praying about going on a mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am on cloud nine today. it was such a wonderful week. I love being a missionary. It is the most rewarding, yet difficult thing i have ever done. this saturday is transfer calls... my last one. i hope i get to finish strong in great bridge!!
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
talk to strangers!!!
sister Snow

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