Friday, February 15, 2013

Week #4 My Mom will be so proud I say ya'll!

hey y'all!
I have no time because as i was about to press send on this email and i must have pressed something weird on this ghetto computer and it all deleted... I'm sorry!!
I am serving in the Norfolk Virginia area. I dont really know how to say it yet, its either Naw-fick, Nor-fick, or Nor-fold minus the L and replace the O with a U... hahaha
I am loving this! Definitely a different hard than I expected. Mentally hard, and spiritually draining. But its so good to know that Heavenly Father is watching out for me!
President Perry is so amazing. He really is such an amazing man and he truly loves all of us! we only had a 4 minute interview with him because there were so many missionaries that came in that night, but he told me about my companions and that he knows I am with them for a reason. He told me he was impressed by the spirit I had, and that I am mature and pretty? I don't think he knows me well enough ahahaha.

I am serving with Sister W and Sister L! Sister W is training me and she is so awesome! We all are extremely different. Sister W is a convert of 2 years and sister L is a guitar genius. she likes to write songs about the atonement and about Abish. Talk about road show flashbacks!

We are shotgunning this area. Basically what that means is that we are reopening this area, because the last time there were sisters here was in October. So we are starting fresh. We are going to be meeting with their investigators this week and seeing what happened to them. Our focus here is in the ward members. There are more than half of the members in active. Most are deployed, and they come and go so fast that we have no idea who is really active and who just moved! The bishop is super organized and is so amazing. He is super missionary minded. Its awesome. I am "famous" because I'm the first 19 year old sister they have had. We also have an 18 year old Elder U. Its fun.

Dinner with members is so fun.The families are so different but still the same. It reminds me of home. One of the little girls from last night reminded me sooo much of summer!

We went trackting on Saturday and found a whole bunch of potentials! I will be keeping them in my prayers as we go back for my first lessons out in the field!! ahhhhh yaaaaa!
I love being a missionary! It is such a blessing to be a missionary at this time. I have never seen so many "people with "tanner" skin in my life. I live in an apartment with a part member Samoan family. We have found 5 4 cockroaches in our study room. Yummers.

Parry family, I met the A's! They are sooo cute. They are serving in Newport News, its even more ghetto than here!
Farrows, I also met Sister R! She told me she loves you guys and that she was Blake's Seminary teacher freshman year.  Small world!!!

Well y'all, time is up! I promise next week will be more detailed! I will get the hang of these computers by then! And some pics will be coming your way next week as well!!

ps:  and I got your package!! made me feel SOOO loved! I really needed that so thank you family. I miss you and love you!  might have my first investigator! A! He's a southern baptist and says he's not interested. Also, an inactive family named the Y's gave us a box of food! So I'm not dying!

Love you all so much!
Sister Snow
Here are some amazing scriptures for y'all ( I cant stop saying y'all)
1 Corinthians 10:13
Matthew 19:29
John 14:13-14
John 14:18
John 14:27
These have given me so much strength this week!

Happy Valentines Day!!! xoxoxox

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