Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Email home:)

Hello Fam!!!!
So I got special permission to email home because its my favorite brothers birthday! just kidding... Its my Pday! Got you there didn't I? Soooooo the MTC. This is going to come to a huge shock to you all, but I LOVE it!! Who woulda known? I am so happy all the time. I can't stop smiling. I know that I am in the right place. The first thought that came into my head during orientation was that I am home. I belong here as a missionary, preparing to enter the field. I only have 26 more minutes on my email. I dont even know where to start! I got to sent a quick letter Thursday morning to you guys, so hopefully you get that soon! I am in a threesome companionship! Probably shouldn't say that.. we call it the trio. So far all is well. Its much harder to teach in a group of three, but we are all hard working, obedient, and willing to make adjustments. I have this incredible love for them. For all of my district. I realize that as a missionary my strength is love. I can't express enough the happiness I feel being here. Don't even worry about me!!!  We taught our first investigator, C yesterday. He has had a rough life so we taught him the importance of Gods love. wow it was embarrassing how into it I got. I started baring my testimony of prayer and how I know with all my heart that God is there and he loves you. I started crying and I have never felt the spirit bare truth through me before like that! wow. All i can say to sum up my first week at the MTC is wow.
I probably am not making all that sense right now! I have so many thoughts and noooo time at all! yes, this is hard. Its hard to be away from my family, especially today when its Chan's bday. But my teacher told me and my companions this last night " you are doing far better things here than you could be doing at home." And that was just a wake up call. I am getting so focused on my purpose, and so happy working non stop everyday. Dad, I have been trying to look for the Erastus Snow building, but i only know about 4 buildings right now and only the numbers of them!
My roommates are going to Hungary and yesterday was speak your language day... Cusenem means thanks :)

I've seen sister W and sister C around. Also some guys from school who are elders now. Its cool seeing Gods work change people. Especially me. my cheeks hurt from smiling. I know that every moment in my life as led me to this point! Chan, you will LOVE this place. Being a missionary is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Having the companionship of the Spirit ALWAYS is such a big responsibility, but it is so amazing. I really feel the spirit always. I feel promptings to read a certain chapter of the scriptures, or to say something in class that leads to this huge discussion.. its just amazing. There have been so many scriptures that I have been led to that have changed my whole perspective!!  I am nothing without the Spirit. Simply a guide :)

Family and friends, thank you so much for your letters. I have never felt so loved before. I miss you all so much, but I'm so busy here I don't have time to think about it! I guess that's good. I am so grateful to have such an amazing support group.

I have time so I"ll share a quick story! So yesterday was the first lesson. You know how easily freaked out I get... My comps do already. hahaha its great. They told me to pray in our companionship study for things that I felt that I needed to ask for. So i prayed for confidence. I prayed that I would be able to recognize the spirit and go with it. and family, PRAYER WORKS. heavenly father is there! I know it will all that I am! He wants the best for us. After i [prayed I felt such a peace. I knew i would be okay. An elder in my district told me suddenly that i have such a beautiful testimony, and i need to trust myself and my God. He will take care of my short comings.  so, i did. And the lesson went great!

I feel for the first time in my life confidence. I am so proud to be able to tell you this. I feel confidence because I have the Lord on my side! So family and friends, TRUST in the Lord your God. All things are possible!

Chandler, Happy birthday!!!!! 17 wow, you are cool. big deal.... okkkkaayy. I'm serious. tehe. I hope today is a great day. Pretend I'm there with ya, throwing food at summer in the restaurant or doing something else immature to annoy momma. I love you so much. I can see you here as an elder. You are already more mature than everyone in my district. keep working hard. Thank you for your letter. Made me cry in front of everyone;. I'm writng you today after I do some laundry!
Charlie, I got your emails! Hopefully Ill have time to read them after this!! I love you pooper. Be nice to Chan
Mom and Dad, I am so grateful for you. Thanks for your advice and dear elders. I love your support! I love you!!!!
I love you all, until next week,
Sister Snow

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